1912 English cricket season

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The 1912 English cricket season saw the much-criticised Triangular Tournament of Test Matches between England, Australia and South Africa. The contest was effectively ruined by one of the wettest summers on record and was never repeated.


  • County Championship - Yorkshire
  • Minor Counties Championship - in abeyance
  • Wisden (special commemoration) - John Wisden

Test series[edit]

England won one of its matches against weakened Australia 1-0 with two drawn. Against South Africa, England won all three matches. Despite the loss of several key players, Australia beat South Africa 2-0 with one match drawn.

Leading batsmen[edit]

C B Fry topped the averages with 1592 runs @ 56.85

Leading bowlers[edit]

Sydney Barnes topped the averages with 69 wickets @ 11.33


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