1913–14 National Challenge Cup

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1913-14 National Challenge Cup
Country United States
Champions Brooklyn Field Club
Runners-up Brooklyn Celtic

The 1913–14 National Challenge Cup was the first season that the modern-day Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup formed. Brooklyn Field Club won the title.


Home teams listed on top of bracket

District Finals
Nov 30-Dec 21
Third Round
January 18 - March 8
March 21 - April 5
April 18,26
May 16
NY Brooklyn F.C. 3
NY Brooklyn Rangers 0
NY Brooklyn F.C. 1
PA Bethlehem Steel F.C. 0
PA Braddock (AET) 2
PA Bethlehem Steel 3
NY Brooklyn F.C. 4
NY Yonkers F.C. 1
NY Yonkers F.C. 3
NY Fulton A.C. 0
NY Yonkers F.C. 3
NY New York Celtic 1
NY New York Celtic 4
NY German F.C. 1
NY Brooklyn F.C. 2
MA New Bedford F.C. 1
MA New Bedford F.C. 3
CT Bridgeport Presby. 0
MA New Bedford F.C. 2
PA W. Philadelphia F.C. 0
PA W. Philadelphia F.C. 4
PA Kensington F.C. 1
MA New Bedford F.C. 4*
PA Peabody F.C. 1*
PA Peabody F.C. 3*
PA Wissinoming 0*
PA Peabody F.C.
NY St. George F.C. w/o
NY St. George F.C. 2**
NY Hudson United F.C. 0**
NY Brooklyn F.C. 2
NY Brooklyn Celtic 1
NY Brooklyn Celtic 6
NY Hollywood Inn F.C. 0
NY Brooklyn Celtic 5
NJ Babcock and Wilcox 0
NJ Watsessing F.C. 3
NJ Babcock and Wilcox 5
NY Brooklyn Celtic 2
NY Columbia Oval F.C. 0
NY Columbia Oval F.C. 5
NY Clan Mackenzie F.C. 2
NY Columbia Oval F.C. 2
NJ Harrison Alley Boys 1
NJ West Hudson Juniors 0*
NJ Harrison Alley Boys 4*
NY Brooklyn Celtic 6
NY Niagara Falls Rangers 2
MI Roses F.C. 2*
MI Packard F.C. 1*
MI Roses F.C. 0
NY Niagara Falls Rangers 2
NY MacNaughton Rang. w/o
NY Niagara Falls Rangers
NY Niagara Falls Rangers 2
IL Pullman F.C. 1
IL McDuffs 0
IL Hyde Park Blues 2
IL Hyde Park Blues 2
IL Pullman F.C. 4
IL Campbell F.C. 0
IL Pullman F.C. 3

(*) replay after tied match
w/o walkover/forfeit victory awarded


May 16, 1914
Brooklyn Field Club (NY) 2–1 Brooklyn Celtic (NY)
Percy Adamson Goal 3'
James Ford Goal 87'
(Report) Goal 27' (pen) Thomas Campion
Coates Field; Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Attendance: 10,000
Referee: Charles Creighton (USA)

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