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The following are the football (soccer) events of the year 1914 throughout the world.


  • First World Cup was held April 1914 in Rio de Janeiro. See International Tournaments below.
  • The only edition of the Vienna Cup, the first European cup competition, is won by the little-known team of Glentoran of Northern Ireland.
  • Woolwich Arsenal are renamed Arsenal.
  • Palmeiras is founded as SS Palestra Italia.
  • FC Levski Sofia is founded on May 24.

Winners club national championship[edit]

International tournaments[edit]

  • First World Cup was held April 1914 in Rio according to a German documentary by station WDR ( Zeitzeichen April 1,2014) with the participation of Argentina,Brazil with 2 teams, England,France,Germany,Italy and Uruguay. The Final was won by Uruguay 2-1 over Brazil. According to the documentary, FIFA in Switzerland has shredded the records recently and officially the event was stricken from the records in an Executive Meeting held on May 3,1914 with 23 countries in favor and only Uruguay opposed.[1] podcast in German and Portuguese.