1923 Copa del Rey

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1923 Copa del Rey
Country Spain
Teams 8
Champions Athletic Bilbao
Runners-up Europa
Matches played 15
Goals scored 46 (3.07 per match)

The Copa del Rey 1923 (known at that time as King Alfonso XIII's Cup) was the 23rd edition of the Copa del Rey.

The competition started on March 25, 1923 and concluded on May 13, 1923 with the Final, held at the Les Corts in Barcelona, in which Athletic Bilbao lifted the trophy for the 9th time ever with a 1–0 victory over CD Europa.



First leg:

March 25, 1923
Real Madrid 1–3 Athletic Bilbao
Real Vigo Sporting 3–1 Real Sociedad
Valencia FC 1–0 Sporting Gijón
CD Europa 4–0 Sevilla FC
Second leg:
April 8, 1923
Athletic Bilbao 5–0 Real Madrid agg:8–1
Sporting Gijón 6–1 Valencia FC
Sevilla FC 1–2 CD Europa agg:1–6
April 13, 1923
Real Sociedad 3–0 Real Vigo
Tie break:
April 11
Sporting Gijón 2–0 Valencia FC
April 15
Real Sociedad 4–1 Real Vigo Sporting


First leg:

April 22, 1923
Real Sociedad 0–0 Athletic Bilbao
CD Europa 3–2 Sporting Gijón
Second leg:
April 29, 1923
Athletic Bilbao 2–0 Real Sociedad agg:2–0
Sporting Gijón 1–2 CD Europa agg:3–5


13 May 1923
Athletic Bilbao 1 – 0 CD Europa
Les Corts, Barcelona
Attendance: 30,000
Referee: Rasero
Copa del Rey 1923 winners
Athletic Bilbao
9th title