1927–28 French Rugby Union Championship

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1927–28 French Rugby Union Championship
Countries  France
Champions Pau
Runners-up Quillan

The 1927-28 French Rugby Union Championship of first division was won la Pau that beat the 'Quillan in the final.

Pau won its first Bouclier de Brennus.


The 1928 Five Nations Championship was won by Ireland, the France was last, hunted by the death of Yves du Manoir on January u,2.

Quillan was sustained by a rich businessman, Jean Bourrel, owner of a factory producing hats. The club, engaged a lot of players from other clubs, especially from US Perpignan. In the little city of Quillan, in Aude, all the players were employed in the Bourrel's factory. The club was accused of "masked professionalism" but was not sufficient to win the title ( « Pau est French Champion : la morale est sauve. And the béret defetead chapeau. » [1])

First Round[edit]

(3 poiunt for each victoru, 2 for a draw, 1 for lost)

In 6 of 8 pools were necessary some a tye break.

FC Lyon - Périgueux 5 - 0
  • Pool C
    Pau 11 pt
    Quillan 8 pt
    CA Bordeaux-Bègles Gironde 8 pt
    Limoges 8 pt
    Toulouse Olymp.EC 5 pt
Quillan - Bègles 6 - 3
Béziers - CASG 6 - 0
Carcassone - Lyon OU 4 - 0
SBUC - Lezignan 9 - 0
Toulon - Narbonne 15 - 0

Second Round[edit]

The first of each pool in semifinals

  • Pool A
    Toulouse 8 pt.
    Béziers 6 pt.
    Stade Bordelais 5 pt.
    Soustons 5 pt.
  • Pool B
    Pau 9 pt.
    Stade Français 7 pt.
    US Perpignan 5 pt.
    FC Lyon 3 pt.
  • Pool C
    US Quillan 8 pt.
    Arlequins Perpignan 7 pt.
    Lourdes 5 pt.
    Stade Hendayais 4 pt.
  • Pool D
    Touloun 9 pt.
    SA Bordeaux 5 pt.
    Racing Paris 5 pt.
    Carcassone/ Lyon OU 5 pt.

(Carcassone replace Lyon after one match)


Pau - Toulouse 3 - 0 Bordeaux
Quillan - Toulon 13 - 0 Toulouse


Teams Pau - Quillan
Score 6-4 (6-4)
Date 6 May 1928
Venue Stade des Ponts Jumeaux, Toulouse
Referee Marcel Heurtin
Pau Paul Saux, Jean de Français, Adrien Laborde, David Aguilar, Jean Bergalet, François Récaborde, Joseph Châtelain, Albert Cazenave, Emile Crampes, Robert Sarrade, Fernand Taillantou, Fernand Laclau, Georges Caussarieu, André Bernardini, Henri Mounes
Quillan Guy Flamand, Georges Martres, Georges Delort, Germain Raynaud, Louis Parnaud, Jean Galia, Gaudérique Montassier, Eugène Ribère, François Corbin, Amédée Cutzach, Marcel Soler, Marcel Baillette, René Bonnemaison, Jean Bonnet, Louis Destarac
Pau 2 tries Taillantou and Récaborde
Quillan 1 drop de Cutzach


  1. ^ Georges Pastre, Les Boucliers du Printemps, Ed. Midi-Olympique, 1968.

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