1928 College Football All-America Team

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The 1928 College Football All-America team is composed of college football players who were selected as All-Americans by various organizations and writers that chose College Football All-America Teams in 1928. The organizations that chose the teams included: the United Press; the Associated Press; Collier's Weekly selected by Grantland Rice; and The New York Sun.

All-American selections for 1928[edit]


Bold – NCAA "consensus" All-Americans[1]

Selectors recognized by NCAA in its consensus All-American determinations:

Other selectors:

  • 1 – First Team Selection
  • 2 – Second Team Selection
  • 3 – Third Team Selection
  • Utility Selection – Only Grantland Rice in Collier's Weekly used this designation for three players in addition to those at eleven specified positions.
  • HM – Honorable Mention Selection – Used by Frank Getty in the United Press All-America Team.


  • Irvine Phillips, California (UP-1, WC-1, AAB, PAB, AP-2)
  • Wes Fesler, Ohio State (College Football Hall of Fame) (CO-1, NEA-1, UP-1, WC-1, AAB, AP-2, CP-2)
  • Dale Van Sickel, Florida (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1, NEA-1, CO-Utility, UP-HM)
  • Malcolm Franklin, St. Mary's (AP-1, UP-2)
  • Ken Haycraft, Minnesota (CO-1, UP-2)
  • Dick Abernathy, Vanderbilt (CP-1, UP-3)
  • Rosenzweig, Carnegie Tech (CP-1, NEA-2, UP-HM)
  • Edward Messinger, Army (PAB, CP-2, AP-3)
  • Miller Brown, Missouri (AP-3)
  • Barna, Hobart (UP-3)


  • Otto Pommerening, Michigan (AP-1, CO-1, UP-1, NEA-3)
  • Mike Getto, Pittsburgh (CO-1, NEA-1, WC-1, AP-2, UP-2, AAB)
  • Jap Douds, Washington & Jefferson (UP-1, CO-Utility)
  • Jesse Hibbs, Southern California (CP-1, NEA-1, UP-3)
  • Gordy Brown, Texas (CP-1, AP-2, UP-3)
  • Albert J. Nowack, Illinois (WC-1, UP-2, AP-3, AAB)
  • Russell Crane, Illinois (CP-1)
  • Frank Speer, Georgia Tech (AP-1)
  • Alfred "Al" Lassman, New York Univ. (CP-2, NEA-2)
  • Bud Sprague, Army (CP-2)
  • Jimmy Steele, Florida (NEA-2)
  • Melvyl Dressell, Washington State (AP-3)
  • Steve Bancroft, California (PAB)
  • Miller, Notre Dame (PAB)


  • Seraphim Post, Stanford (AP-1, CO-1, CP-1, NEA-1, WC-1, AAB)
  • Don Robesky, Stanford (UP-1, NEA-2)
  • Edward Burke, Navy (AP-1, CO-1, CP-2, NEA-2)
  • George Gibson, Minnesota (UP-1, WC-1, AP-2, NEA-3, AAB)
  • Danny McMullen, Nebraska (AP-2, NEA-3, UP-3, PAB)
  • Bill McRae, Florida (UP-2)
  • Bull Brown, Vanderbilt (UP-2)
  • Bruce Dumont, Colgate (AP-3)
  • Choc Sanders, Southern Methodist (AP-3, UP-3)
  • Waldo Wittenmeyer Greene, Yale (CP-2)
  • John Dreshar, Carnegie Tech (PAB)


  • Peter Pund, Georgia Tech (College Football Hall of Fame) (CO-1, NEA-1, UP-1, WC-1, CP-2, AP-3, AAB)
  • Charles Howe, Princeton (AP-1, CP-1, NEA-2, UP-2, PAB)
  • Nathan Barrager, Southern California (AP-2)



  • Red Cagle, Army (College Football Hall of Fame) (AP-1, CO-1, CP-1, NEA-1, UP-1, WC-1, PAB, AAB)
  • Chuck Carroll, Washington (AP-1, UP-1 [fb], WC-1, NEA-2, AAB)
  • Paul Scull, Penn (CO-1, NEA-1, WC-1, AP-2, UP-2 [fb], AAB)
  • Warner Mizell, Georgia Tech (AP-2, CP-2, NEA-2, UP-2)
  • Clyde Crabtree, Florida (AP-3, NEA-3, UP-3 [fb])
  • Willis Glassgow, Iowa (CP-2, AP-3, NEA-3)
  • Bill Banker, Tulane (College Football Hall of Fame) (UP-2)
  • Lloyd Brazil, Univ. of Detroit (CO-Utility, UP-3)
  • Redman Hume, Southern Methodist (UP-3)
  • Lloyd Thomas, Univ. South. Calif. (NEA-2, PAB)



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