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This is a timeline of significant events in comics in the 1920s.


European publications[edit]

  • May 3: Zig et Puce by Alain Saint-Ogan first appeared in Dimanche Illustré, weekly supplement of the French newspaper l’Excelsior.[1][2]
  • December 25: The third major character of Zig et Puce, Alfred made its first appearance.[3]

U.S. publications[edit]



European publications[edit]

U.S. publications[edit]

  • January 7:
  • January 16: Dell Comics publishes The Funnies #1, the first American newsstand comic book of all-original material. It lacked covers, and was in that way more like a newspaper insert, but was sold independently.
  • January 17: Popeye the Sailor is initiated with the character's first appearance in Thimble Theatre.[9]


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