1930 Graf Zeppelin stamps

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The 1930 Graf Zeppelins were a set of three commemorative postage stamps issued by the United States in 1930. Although the stamps were valid for postage shipped via the Zeppelin Pan American flight from Germany to the United States (via Brazil), the set was marketed to collectors and was largely intended to promote the route. A significant portion of the revenue generated by the sale of these stamps went to the Zeppelin company of Germany. The $4.55 face value of the set represented a lot of money in the Depression years of the release. Only about 227,000 of the stamps were sold, making them relatively scarce and highly prized by collectors.

Individual Stamp Designs[edit]

Design Scott Catalog Numbers Image
65¢ Graf Zeppelin over the Atlantic C13 Graf Zeppelin
$1.30 Graf Zeppelin over the Atlantic C14 Graf Zeppelin
$2.60 Graf Zeppelin C15 Graf Zeppelin


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