1932 Australian Grand Prix

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The 1932 Australian Grand Prix was a motor race held at Phillip Island on 14 March 1932. The race had 25 entrants and 17 starters.

It was the fifth Australian Grand Prix and the fifth held at Phillip Island. The race was a handicap race and the first to be run without sub-classes.



Pos No. Driver Entrant Car Laps Time (Handicap Time)
1 1 Bill Thompson Woolworth Tyre Co Bugatti Type 37A s/c 31 2h 40m 11s (3h 15m 11s)
2 12 Geoff Disher Salmson GP 31 3h 00m 07s (3h 19m 11s)
3 5 Cyril Dickason Austin Dist Austin 7 Ulster 31 2h 57m 28s (3h 24m 28s)
4 9 Merton Wreford Bugatti Brescia 31 3h 08m 51s (3h 28m 51s)
5 3 Carl Junker Bugatti Type 39 31 3h 03m 27s (3h 24m 27s)
6 22 Bill Northam Jim Wall Austin 7 s/c 31 3h 30m 24s (3h 36m 24s)
7 20 Les Jennings Morris Cowley 31 3h 30m 31s (3h 39m 31s)
8 18 Clarrie May Austin Dist. Austin 7 s/c 31 3h 31m 36s (3h 40m 36s)
9 14 Bill Williamson Bill Johnson Riley 31 3h 41m 07s (3h 58m 07s)
10 4 Barney Dentry Riley Dist. Riley Ulster 31 3h 41m 55s (4h 11m 55s)
Ret 7 Harold Drake-Richmond Bugatti Type 37
Ret 11 Ken Hopkins Bugatti Brescia
Ret 19 Ken McKinney Austin 7
Ret 8 Albert Edwards Alvis FWD s/c Crash
Ret 2 Arthur Terdich Bugatti Type 37A s/c 9
Ret 16 R Graham-Tucker Rhodes Motor Co. Triumph s/c
Ret 6 Bill Lowe BNC/Lombard AL3


  • Fastest lap: Bill Thompson – 4'19.40 (82.50 mph)
  • Organised by the Victorian Light Car Club.
  • Handicap race.


Preceded by
1931 Australian Grand Prix
Australian Grand Prix
Succeeded by
1933 Australian Grand Prix