1933 Spanish Grand Prix

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The 1933 Spanish Grand Prix (formally the VIII Gran Premio de España) was a Grand Prix motor race held at Lasarte on 24 September 1933. The race was held over 30 laps of a 17.750 km circuit for a total distance of 532.500 km and was won by Louis Chiron driving an Alfa Romeo.


Pos No Driver Car Laps Time/Retire
1 38 Louis Chiron Alfa Romeo B (8C-2600) 30 3h50m57.8
2 10 Luigi Fagioli Alfa Romeo B (8C-2600) 30 3h55m22
3 8 Marcel Lehoux Bugatti T51 30 4h12m50
4 18 Achille Varzi Bugatti T59 30 4h14m14
5 30 Jean-Pierre Wimille Alfa Romeo 8C-2300 30 4h15m57
6 26 René Dreyfus Bugatti T59 29 4h18m46
7 22 Philippe Étancelin Alfa Romeo 8C-2300 27 +3 laps
Ret 28 Emil Frankl Bugatti T35B 21 Crash
Ret 24 Piero Taruffi Maserati 8CM (8C-3000) 20 Crash
Ret 36 Tazio Nuvolari Maserati 8CM (8C-3000) 20 Crash
Ret 6 Eugenio Siena Alfa Romeo 8C-2300 13 Did Not Finish
Ret 32 Goffredo Zehender Maserati 8CM (8C-3000) 13 Did Not Finish
Ret 34 Benoit Falchetto Bugatti T51 13 Did Not Finish
Ret 2 Juan Zanelli Alfa Romeo 8C-2300 Did Not Finish
DNA 4 "Williams" Bugatti T59 Did Not Arrive
DNA 12 Filippo Sartorio Maserati 26 (8C-2500) Did Not Arrive
DNA 14 Ignacio Palacio Bugatti T35 Did Not Arrive
DNA 16 Walter Grosch Alfa Romeo 8C-2300 Did Not Arrive
DNA 20 Pierre Bussienne Bugatti T51 Did Not Arrive

Fastest Lap: Tazio Nuvolari, 6m41.2 (159.27 kph)


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