1934 Giro d'Italia

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1934 Giro d'Italia
Giro Italia 1934-map.png
Race Route
Race details
Dates 19 May – 10 June
Stages 17
Distance 3,712.7 km (2,307 mi)
Winning time 121h 17' 17" (30.548 km/h or 18.982 mph)
Winner  Learco Guerra (ITA) (Maino)
Second  Francesco Camusso (ITA) (Gloria)
Third  Giovanni Cazzulani (ITA) (Gloria)

Mountains  Remo Bertoni (ITA) (Legnano)
Team Gloria

The 1934 Giro d'Italia was the 22nd edition of the Giro d'Italia, a cycling race organized and sponsored by the newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport. The race began on 19 May in Milan with a stage that stretched 169.2 km (105 mi) to Turin, finishing back in Milan on 10 June after a 315 km (196 mi) stage and a total distance covered of 3,712.7 km (2,307 mi). The race was won by the Learco Guerra of the Maino team. Second and third respectively were the Italian riders Francesco Camusso and Giovanni Cazzulani.

Favourite Alfredo Binda retired during the 6th stage. Guerra took over the maglia rosa from the climb specialist Francesco Camusso in the decisive time trial stage from Bologna to Ferrara.

Final standings[edit]

Stage results[edit]

Stage results[1]
Stage Date Course Distance Type[Notes 1] Winner Race Leader
1 19 May Milan to Turin 169.2 km (105 mi) Plain stage  Francesco Camusso (ITA)  Francesco Camusso (ITA)
2 20 May Turin to Genoa 206.5 km (128 mi) Stage with mountain(s)  Learco Guerra (ITA)  Francesco Camusso (ITA)
21 May Rest day
3 22 May Genoa to Livorno 220.5 km (137 mi) Stage with mountain(s)  Learco Guerra (ITA)  Francesco Camusso (ITA)
4 23 May Livorno to Pisa 45 km (28 mi) History.gif Individual time trial  Learco Guerra (ITA)  Learco Guerra (ITA)
5 24 May Pisa to Rome 333 km (207 mi) Stage with mountain(s)  Learco Guerra (ITA)  Learco Guerra (ITA)
25 May Rest day
6 26 May Rome to Naples 228 km (142 mi) Plain stage  Learco Guerra (ITA)  Learco Guerra (ITA)
7 27 May Naples to Bari 339 km (211 mi) Stage with mountain(s)  Adriano Vignoli (ITA)  Learco Guerra (ITA)
28 May Rest day
8 29 May Bari to Campobasso 245 km (152 mi) Stage with mountain(s)  Félicien Vervaecke (BEL)  Giuseppe Olmo (ITA)
9 30 May Campobasso to Teramo 283 km (176 mi) Stage with mountain(s)  Learco Guerra (ITA)  Learco Guerra (ITA)
10 31 May Teramo to Ancona 214 km (133 mi) Stage with mountain(s)  Learco Guerra (ITA)  Learco Guerra (ITA)
1 June Rest day
11 2 June Ancona to Rimini 213 km (132 mi) Plain stage  Learco Guerra (ITA)  Learco Guerra (ITA)
12 3 June Rimini to Florence 176.5 km (110 mi) Stage with mountain(s)  Learco Guerra (ITA)  Learco Guerra (ITA)
13 4 June Florence to Bologna 120 km (75 mi) Stage with mountain(s)  Giuseppe Olmo (ITA)  Francesco Camusso (ITA)
5 June Rest day
14 6 June Bologna to Ferrara 59 km (37 mi) History.gif Individual time trial  Learco Guerra (ITA)  Learco Guerra (ITA)
15 7 June Ferrara to Trieste 273 km (170 mi) Plain stage  Fabio Battesini (ITA)  Learco Guerra (ITA)
16 8 June Trieste to Bassano del Grappa 273 km (170 mi) Stage with mountain(s)  Giuseppe Olmo (ITA)  Learco Guerra (ITA)
9 June Rest day
17 10 June Bassano to Milan 315 km (196 mi) Stage with mountain(s)  Giuseppe Olmo (ITA)  Learco Guerra (ITA)
Total 3,712.7 km (2,307 mi)

General classification[edit]

There were 52 cyclists who had completed all seventeen stages. For these cyclists, the times they had needed in each stage was added up for the general classification. The cyclist with the least accumulated time was the winner.

Final general classification (1–10)[1][2]
Rank Name Team Time
1  Learco Guerra (ITA) Pink jersey Maino 121h 17' 17"
2  Francesco Camusso (ITA) Gloria + 51"
3  Giovanni Cazzulani (ITA) Gloria + 4' 59"
4  Giuseppe Olmo (ITA) Bianchi + 5' 39"
5  Giovanni Gotti (ITA) + 8' 01"
6  Remo Bertoni (ITA) Legnano + 15' 30"
7  Domenico Piemontesi (ITA) Maino + 15' 30"
8  Adriano Vignoli (ITA) + 24' 46"
9  Luigi Giacobbe (ITA) Maino + 25' 58"
10  Luigi Barral (ITA) Bianchi + 33' 18"

Mountains classification[edit]

In the mountains classification, the race organizers selected different mountains that the route crossed and awarded points to the riders who crossed them first.

Final mountains classification (1–9)[2]
Rank Name Team Points
1  Remo Bertoni (ITA) Legnano 31
2  Luigi Barral (ITA) Bianchi 21
3  Félicien Vervaecke (BEL) Ganna 19
4  Francesco Camusso (ITA) Gloria 17
5  Vicente Trueba (ESP) 10
6  Luigi Giacobbe (ITA) Maino 4
 Stefano Giuppone (ITA)
 Orlando Teani (ITA)
9  Giovanni Gotti (ITA) 3
 Giovanni Cazzulani (ITA) Gloria
 Adriano Vignoli (ITA)

Team classification[edit]

The winner of the team classification was determined by adding the finish times of the best three cyclists per team together and the team with the lowest total time was the winner.[1][2] If a team had fewer than three riders finish, they were not eligible for the classification.[2]

Final time classification (1–6)[1][2]
Rank Team Time
1 Gloria 364h 41' 22"
2 Maino + 27"
3 Bianchi + 41' 13"
4 Legnano + 1h 22' 50"
5 Ganna + 3h 22' 33"
6 Olympia + 5h 59' 28"


  1. ^ In 1934, there was no distinction in the rules between plain stages and mountain stages; the icons shown here indicate that the second, third, fifth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, twelfth, thirteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth stages included major mountains.


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