1942 Montenegro offensive

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1942 Montenegro offensive
Part of World War II in Yugoslavia
Date mid-May–June 1942
Location Italian governorate of Montenegro and eastern Herzegovina
Commanders and leaders
Units involved

The 1942 Montenegro offensive was an Italian-led counter-insurgency operation of World War II, which targeted the Yugoslav Partisans in the Italian governorate of Montenegro and the eastern Herzegovina region of the Independent State of Croatia (NDH). It was carried out from mid-May to June 1942, with Chetnik forces taking part on the Italian side. The offensive followed the conclusion of the joint German-Italian Operation Trio in eastern Bosnia. Together these two operations comprise what was known as the Third Enemy Offensive (Serbo-Croatian: Treća neprijateljska ofenziva) in Yugoslav historiography.

The offensive resulted in the expulsion of almost all Partisans from Montenegro and eastern Herzegovina.

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