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Events from the year 1942 in Ireland.


  • 3 March - Due to the The Emergency the rationing of gas is introduced.
  • 5 March - It is announced that Ireland is to have a new Central Bank replacing the old Currency Commission.
  • April - Attempted shooting of two Garda Síochána detectives during a ceremony at Glasnevin Cemetery in Dublin, for which Brendan Behan is imprisoned.
  • 2 June - Speed levels are restricted to prevent wear of tyres on cars, motorcycles and buses.
  • Summer - Ailtirí na hAiséirghe, a radical nationalist and fascist political party, is founded by Gearóid Ó Cuinneagáin.[1]
  • 11 August - Irish Rose rescues seven survivors from the American ship Wawaloam in the Atlantic.[2]
  • 13 August - Irish Pine rescues nineteen survivors from the British ship Richmond Castle in the Atlantic.[2]
  • 26 August - Irish Willow rescues 47 survivors from the British ship Empire Breeze in the Atlantic.[2]
  • 17 September - Irish Larch rescues forty survivors from the Panamanian ship Stone Street in the Atlantic.[2]
  • 2 October - British cruiser Curacoa (D41) collides with the liner Queen Mary off the coast of Donegal and sinks: 338 die.
  • 15 November - Irish Pine torpedoed and sunk by U-608, in North Atlantic: 33 die.
  • 12 December- Irish Poplar collides with the launch Eileen and the Cork Harbour pilot during a force eight gale: five die.
  • 22 December - There are reports of a split in the Labour Party due to the selection of candidates for the forthcoming general election.
  • December - Government prohibits direct newspaper advertising in Ireland of jobs in the U.K. During the year £4.5M is remitted to Ireland from Irish workers already in Britain through the Post Office.[3]
  • Cavan Cathedral (Roman Catholic) completed.
  • Lice-born typhus spreads.[3]

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Winners: Cork United
Winners: Dundalk 2 - 2, 3 - 1 Cork United.



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