1943 Taça de Portugal Final

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1943 Taça de Portugal Final
Event 1942–43 Taça de Portugal
Date 20 June 1943
Venue Campo das Salésias, Lisbon
Referee Araújo Correia (Porto)[1]

The 1943 Taça de Portugal Final was the final match of the 1942–43 Taça de Portugal, the 5th season of the Taça de Portugal, the premier Portuguese football cup competition organized by the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF). The match was played on 20 June 1943 at the Campo das Salésias in Lisbon, and opposed two Primeira Liga sides: Benfica and Vitória de Setúbal. Benfica defeated Vitória de Setúbal 5–1 to claim their second Taça de Portugal.[2]



20 June 1943
Benfica 5 – 1 Vitória de Setúbal
Pipi Goal 12'
Manuel da Costa Goal 23'
Julinho Goal 32'88'
Armindo Goal 75' (o.g.)
(Report) Amador Goal 58'
Campo das Salésias, Lisbon
Referee: Araújo Correia (Porto)[1]
Vitória de Setúbal
GK 1 Portugal António Martins
DF Portugal Álvaro Gaspar Pinto
MF Portugal Francisco Ferreira (c)
MF Portugal César Ferreira
MF Portugal Joaquim Alcobia
MF Portugal Rogério Pipi
MF Portugal Manuel Jordão
MF Portugal Manuel da Costa
FW Portugal Joaquim Teixeira
FW Portugal Francisco Pires
FW Portugal Julinho
Hungary János Biri
GK 1 Portugal Indalécio
DF Portugal Montês
DF Portugal Armindo
DF Portugal Joaquim Pacheco
MF Portugal Francisco Júlio
MF Portugal Passos
MF Portugal Rogério Cruz
MF Portugal António Figueiredo (c)
FW Portugal Aníbal Rendas
FW Portugal João Nunes
FW Portugal Amador
Portugal Armando Martins
1942–43 Taça de Portugal Winners
2nd Title
Match officials
  • Assistant referees:
  • Fourth official:
Match rules
  • 90 minutes.


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