1947 Australian Grand Prix

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Australia  1947 Australian Grand Prix
Race details
Formula Libre handicap race
Mount Panorama street racing circuit in Australia.svg
Date 6 October 1947
Location Mount Panorama Circuit, Bathurst, New South Wales
Course Temporary road circuit
6.12 km (3.84 mi)
Distance 38 laps, 241.35 km (150 mi)
Weather Sunny

First Australia Bill Murray MG
Second Australia Dick Bland Mercury Special
Third Australia Lex Davison Mercedes-Benz

The 1947 Australian Grand Prix was a Formula Libre motor race held at the Mount Panorama Circuit, near Bathurst in New South Wales, Australia on 6 October 1947. The race, which had 22 starters, was held over 38 laps of the six kilometre circuit, for a total race distance of 241 kilometres.

It was the twelfth Australian Grand Prix and the first race to have been held after the conclusion of World War II. Racing in Australia resumed in 1946, but it took until 1947 for a group, in this case the Australian Sporting Car Club, to take on the running of the Grand Prix. Police opposition to racing at Mount Panorama led to the postponement of the race from Easter to October.[1]

The race, a handicap event as was the tradition in the immediate post-war period, was won by Bill Murray racing his MG TC. Murray took the lead on the last lap of the race after a tyre failure on Ray Mitchell's Jeep/Ford Special caused the race leader to slow dramatically. Mitchell limped home for fourth position. Future Grand Prix stars also passed Mitchell, second was taken by Dick Bland in his Mercury Special. Bland would claim two more podiums over the four years but a win would be elusive. Third was taken by Lex Davison driving a 7.6 litre Mercedes-Benz SSK 38/250.[2] Davison would go on to become the Grand Prix's most prolific winner, even though his career would be cut short by his death at Sandown in 1965, Davison would win the race four times. Davison also completed the race in the shortest time, a prelude to the future of the race over the next decade and a half.


Results as follows.[3]

Pos No. Driver Car Laps Time
1 21 Australia Bill Murray MG TC / MG 1.3L 38 2h 39m 46s
2 7 Australia Dick Bland Mercury Special / Mercury 3.7L 38 2h 40m 22s
3 5 Australia Lex Davison Mercedes-Benz SSK 38/250 / Mercedes-Benz 7.6L 38 2h 40m 33s
4 11 Australia Ray Mitchell Jeep/Ford Special / Ford 3.6L 38 2h 41m 09s
5 23 Australia Tom Sulman Sulman Singer Special / Singer 1.0L 38 2h 41m 48s
6 15 Australia Alf Najar MG TB Special / MG 1.3L 38 2h 41m 37s
7 12 Australia Harry Monday Mercury Special / Mercury 3.9L 38 2h 41m 59s
8 17 Australia John Barraclough MG NE / MG 1.3L 38 2h 42m 10s
9 13 Australia Dougal MacLachlan MG TA Special / MG 1.4L 38 2h 43m 55s
10 Australia Les Burrows MG J2 / MG 0.8L 38 2h 44m 37s
11 19 Australia Ron Ward MG TB / MG 1.3L 38 2h 45m 37s
12 Australia Bruce Myers Riley Imp / Riley 1.1L 38 2h 46m 01s
13 18 Australia Bill Nunn MG TB / MG 1.3L 38 2h 47m 55s
14 22 Australia Elliott Forbes-Robinson MG TC / MG 1.3L 38 2h 48m 28s
Ret 1 Australia Alf Barrett Alfa Romeo Monza / Alfa Romeo 2.4L
Ret 9 Australia Jack Murray Bugatti Type 39 / Ford 3.6L 29
Ret 2 Australia Frank Kleinig Kleinig-Hudson 8 Special / Hudson 4.2L 27
Ret 20 Australia George Pearse MG TB / MG 1.3L 23
Ret Australia Len Phillips Austin 7 / Austin 0.8L 21
Ret 3 Australia Hope Bartlett Dixon / Riley 1.8L
Ret 4 Australia Ron Ewing Buick Special / Buick 3.8L
Ret 16 Australia Walter Mathison Jaguar SS100 / Standard 2.7L
DNS 8 Australia Alec Mildren Ford V8 Special / Ford 3.6L
DNS Australia Dennis Curran Mercury Special / Mercury 3.9L
DNS Australia Ken Tubman MG K3 / MG 1.3L
DNS Australia Len Golding MG NE / MG 1.1L


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