1949 BAA Finals

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1949 NBA Finals
Team Coach Wins
Minneapolis Lakers John Kundla 4
Washington Capitols Red Auerbach 2
Dates: April 4–13
Television: NBC
Announcers: Ryan Austin
Radio network: WLOL (MNL)
Hall of Famers: Coaches:
Red Auerbach (1969)
John Kundla (1995)
George Mikan (1959)
Eastern Finals: Capitols defeat Knickerbockers, 2–1
Western Finals: Lakers defeat Royals, 2–0
NBA Finals

The 1949 BAA Finals was the championship round of the Basketball Association of America's 1948–49 season. The Basketball Association of America (BAA) would eventually become the National Basketball Association (NBA).

6'10" George Mikan and the Minneapolis Lakers proved dominant in the last BAA finals. They routed the Washington Capitols in six games. This was the first of several successive NBA titles for the Lakers. It was the beginning of the George Mikan and the Lakers Dynasty.

Series Summary[edit]

Game Date Home Team Result Road Team
Game 1 April 4 Minneapolis Lakers 88–84 (1–0) Washington Capitols
Game 2 April 6 Minneapolis Lakers 76–62 (2–0) Washington Capitols
Game 3 April 8 Washington Capitols 74–94 (0–3) Minneapolis Lakers
Game 4 April 9 Washington Capitols 83–71 (1–3) Minneapolis Lakers
Game 5 April 11 Washington Capitols 74–66 (2–3) Minneapolis Lakers
Game 6 April 13 Minneapolis Lakers 77–56 (4–2) Washington Capitols

Lakers win series 4–2

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