1951–52 South Africa rugby union tour

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1951 - 1952 South Africa tour in Europe
Type P W D L
Total: 31 30 0 1
Test match: 5 5 0 0
Opp. P W D L
 Scotland 1 1 0 0
 Ireland 1 1 0 0
 Wales 1 1 0 0
 England 1 1 0 0
 France 1 1 0 0
Statistics against Test match opponents

The 1951–52 South Africa tour of Britain, Ireland and France was a collection of friendly rugby union games undertaken by the South Africa national rugby union team against the four British Home Nation teams and France. The tour also took in several matches against British, Irish and French club, county and invitational teams. This was the sixth South Africa tour and the fourth tour of the Northern Hemisphere. It was also the first time the South Africans played the invitational British Barbarian team.

The tour was the most successful the South African team had undertaken; the team only lost a single match. In the tests played the team beat all four Home Nations, France and the Barbarians. The only team to beat the Springboks was the invitational London Counties team. The final tour record saw 31 matches played, with South Africa winning 30 and losing just the one game.

Touring party[edit]


  • Managers: F.W. Mellish, Danie Craven
  • Captain: Basil Kenyon

Full backs[edit]


Half backs[edit]



Date Opponent Location Result Score
Match 1 10 October 1951 South East Counties Bournemouth Won 31–6
Match 2 13 October South West Counties Plymouth Won 17–8
Match 3 18 October Pontypool and Newbridge Pontypool Won 15–6
Match 4 20 October Cardiff Pontypool Park, Pontypool Won 11–9
Match 5 23 October Llanelli Stradey Park, Llanelli Won 20–11
Match 6 27 October North West Counties Birkenhead Park Won 16–9
Match 7 31 October Glasgow and Edinburgh Old Anniesland, Glasgow Won 43–11
Match 8 3 November North East Counties Gosforth Won 19–8
Match 9 8 November Cambridge University Cambridge Won 30–0
Match 10 10 November London Counties Twickenham, London Lost 9–11
Match 12 15 November Oxford University Oxford Won 24–3
Match 12 17 November Aberavon and Neath Aberavon Won 22–0
Match 13 24 November SCOTLAND Murrayfield, Edinburgh Won 44–0
Match 14 28 November North of Scotland Aberdeen Won 14–3
Match 15 1 December Ulster Ravenhill, Belfast Won 27–5
Match 16 8 December IRELAND Dublin Won 17–5
Match 17 11 December Munster Limerick Won 11–6
Match 18 15 December Swansea St Helens, Swansea Won 11–3
Match 19 22 December WALES Cardiff Arms Park, Cardiff Won 6–3
Match 20 26 December Combined Services Twickenham, London Won 24–8
Match 21 29 December East Midlands Leicester Won 3–0
Match 22 5 January 1952 ENGLAND Twickenham, London Won 8–3
Match 23 10 January Newport Rodney Parade, Newport Won 12–6
Match 24 12 January Western Counties Bristol Won 16–5
Match 25 16 January Midlands Counties Coventry Won 19–8
Match 26 19 January South of Scotland Hawick Won 13–3
Match 27 26 January Barbarians Cardiff Arms Park, Cardiff Won 17–3
Match 28 2 February South East France Lyons Won 9–3
Match 29 7 February South West France Bordeaux Won 20–12
Match 30 9 February France "B" Toulouse Won 9–6
Match 26 16 February FRANCE Paris Won 25–3

The matches[edit]


20 October 1951
Cardiff 9–11  South Africa
Try: Williams
Pen: Tamplin (2)
Try: Ochse (2)
Con: Brewis
Cardiff Arms Park
Attendance: 53,000
Referee: C Joynson Wales (Wales)

Cardiff: Frank Trott, Haydn Morris, Bleddyn Williams, Jack Matthews (capt.), Alun Thomas, Cliff Morgan, Rex Willis, Arthur Hull, Geoff Beckingham, Cliff Davies, Bill Tamplin, Malcolm Collins, Sid Judd, Des O'Brien, CD Williams

South Africa: JU Buchler, MJ Saunders, MT Lategan, RA van Schoor, JK Ochse, JD Brewis, JS Oelofse, HJ Bekker, PW Wessels, AC Kosh, SP Fry, WHM Barnard, E Dinkelmann, CJ van Wyk, HSV Muller


4 November 1951[1]
 Scotland 0–44  South Africa
Try: Delport
du Rand
Koch (2)
van Schoor
van Wyk
Con: Geffin (7)
Drop: Brewis
Attendance: 65,000
Referee: MJ Dowling  Ireland

Scotland: Dod Burrell, John Hart, Donald Scott, Oliver Turnbull, David Rose, Angus Cameron (capt), Arthur Dorward, Hamish Dawson, John Macphail, Bob Wilson, James Johnston, Hamish Inglis, Doug Elliot, Robert Taylor, Peter Kininmonth

South Africa: Johnny Buchler, Buks Marais, Tjol Lategan, Ryk van Schoor, Paul Johnstone, Hannes Brewis, Fonnie du Toit, Chris Koch, Willa Delport, Okey Geffin, Salty du Rand, Ernst Dinkelmann, Basie van Wyk, Stephen Fry, Hennie Muller (capt)


8 December 1951[2]
 Ireland 5–17  South Africa
Try: Browne
Con: Murphy
Try: Ochse
Van Schoor
van Wyk (2)
Con: Geffin
Drop: Brewis
Lansdowne Road
Attendance: 47,000
Referee: WCW Murdoch Scotland (Scotland)

Ireland: John Murphy, William McKee, Noel Henderson, Antony Browne, Mick Lane, Jackie Kyle, John O'Meara, Tom Clifford, Karl Mullen, John Hartley Smith, Patrick Lawlor, Robin Thompson, Bill McKay, Jim McCarthy, Des O'Brien (capt)

South Africa: JU Buchler, PG Johnstone, RA van Schoor, MT Lategan, JK Ochse, JD Brewis, E Dinkelmann, A Geffin, WH Delport, AC Kosh, SP Fry, WHM Barnard, JD du Rand, CJ van Wyk, HSV Muller


22 December 1951[3]
 Wales 3–6  South Africa
Try: Williams Try: Ochse
Drop: Brewis
Cardiff Arms Park
Attendance: 55,000
Referee: NH Lambert  Ireland

Wales: Gerwyn Williams (Llanelli), Ken Jones (Newport), Malcolm Thomas (Newport), Bleddyn Williams (Cardiff), Lewis Jones (Llanelli), Cliff Morgan (Cardiff), Rex Willis (Cardiff), Billy Williams (Swansea), Dai Davies (Somerset Police), Don Hayward (Newbridge), Rees Stephens (Neath), Roy John (Neath), Len Blyth (Swansea), John Gwilliam (Edinburgh Wanderers) (capt.), Allen Forward (Pontypool)

South Africa: JU Buchler, PG Johnstone, RA van Schoor, MT Lategan, JK Ochse, JD Brewis, PA du Toit, A Geffin, WH Delport, AC Kosh, SP Fry, WHM Barnard, JD du Rand, CJ van Wyk, HSV Muller


5 January 1952[4]
 England 3–8  South Africa
Try: Winn Try: du Toit
Con: Muller
Pen: Muller
Twickenham Stadium
Attendance: 65,000
Referee: WCW Murdoch Scotland (Scotland)

England: William Hook, Ted Woodward, Albert Agar, Lewis Cannell, Chris Winn, Nim Hall (capt), Gordon Rimmer, Wally Holmes, Eric Evans, Bob Stirling, John Matthews, Squire Wilkins, Don White, Alec Lewis, John Kendall-Carpenter

South Africa: Johnny Buchler, Paul Johnstone, Tjol Lategan, Ryk van Schoor, Chum Ochse, Hannes Brewis, Fonnie du Toit, Chris Koch, Willa Delport, Jaap Bekker, Salty du Rand, Ernst Dinkelmann, Basie van Wyk, Stephen Fry, Hennie Muller (capt)


26 January 1952
Barbarian F.C. 3–17  South Africa
Try: Elliot Try: Ochse
van Wyk
Con: Keevy
Pen: Keevy (2)
Cardiff Arms Park
Attendance: 55,000
Referee: MJ Dowling  Ireland

Barbarians: Gerwyn Williams (Llanelli), Ken Jones (Newport), Bleddyn Williams (Cardiff), LB Cannell (St. Mary's Hospital), Ted Woodward (Wasps), Cliff Morgan (Cardiff), Rex Willis (Cardiff), John Kendall-Carpenter (Penzance), Dai Davies (Somerset Police), RV Stirling (RAF), Rees Stephens (Neath), Roy John (Neath), Doug Elliot (Edinburgh Academicals), JE Nelson (Malone) (capt.), VG Roberts(Harlequins)

South Africa: AC Keevy, PG Johnstone, RA van Schoor, FP Marais, JK Ochse, MT Lategan, PA du Toit, HJ Bekker, WH Delport, FEB van der Ryst, SP Fry, E Dinkelmann, JM du Rand, CJ van Wyk, HSV Muller


5 January 1952[5]
 France 3–25  South Africa
Drop: Carabignac Try: Delport
Johnstone (2)
van Wyk
Con: Johnstone
Pen: Johnstone
Stade Olympique Yves-du-Manoir
Attendance: 35,000
Referee: MJ Dowling Republic of Ireland (Ireland)

France: Pierre Guilleux, Georges Brun, Jacques Mauran, Maurice Prat, Jean Colombier, Georges Carabignac, Gerard Dufau, Rene Bienes, Paul Labadie, Rene Brejassou, Lucien Mias, Bernard Chevallier, Jean Prat, Jean-Roger Bourdeu, Guy Basquet (capt)

South Africa:


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