1953 in Australia

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1953 in Australia
Monarchy Elizabeth II
Governor-General William McKell, then William Slim
Prime minister Robert Menzies
Population 8,815,362
Elections Senate, WA, NSW, SA, QLD
Aerial view of the Story Bridge, 1953

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State Premiers[edit]

State Governors[edit]


Science and technology[edit]

The first town to fluoridate the water supply in Australia was Beaconsfield, Tasmania.[1]

Arts and literature[edit]


Winner of the Sun Girl Quest at Suttons Beach, 1953
  • Athletics
    • 26 September – Roland Guy wins the men's national marathon title, clocking 2:24:48 in Sydney.



  • 28 January – James Scullin, Prime Minister of Australia (born 1876)
  • 12 February – Hal Colebatch, Premier of Western Australia (born 1872)
  • 18 February – Denis Lutge, rugby fooballer (born 1879)
  • 2 December – Reginald Baker (69), athlete, sports promoter and film actor (born 1884)


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