1957 in Australia

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1957 in Australia
Monarchy Elizabeth II
Governor-General William Slim
Prime minister Robert Menzies
Population 9,640,138
Elections QLD

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State Premiers[edit]

State Governors[edit]


  • 19 January – The last edition of The Argus newspaper is published.
  • 15 September – Hobart has its wettest day on record with 156.2 millimetres as a result of a slow-moving low pressure system redeveloping over the Tasman Sea[1]
  • 3 October – Australian National Airways (ANA) is merged with Ansett to form Ansett-ANA.
  • Slim Dusty wins his first gold record for A Pub With No Beer.

Science and technology[edit]

The CSIRO develop radar and microwave navigation systems for aircraft.

Arts and literature[edit]