1959 College Football All-America Team

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The 1959 College Football All-America team is composed of college football players who were selected as All-Americans by various organizations and writers that chose College Football All-America Teams for the 1959 college football season. The organizations choosing the teams included the United Press, Associated Press, Time, and the Newspaper Editors Association.

All-American selections for 1959[edit]




  • Roger Davis, Syracuse (AP, UPI, NEA, CP, WC, AFCA, FWAA, TSN, Time)
  • Bill Burrell, Illinois (AP, UPI, CP, WC, FWAA)
  • Zeke Smith, Auburn (AFCA, TSN)
  • Mike McGee, Duke (Time, FWAA)
  • Mike McKeever, USC (NEA)
  • Maurice Doke, Texas (FWAA)
  • Pat Dye, Georgia (FWAA)
  • Marvin Terrell, Mississippi (FWAA)


  • Maxie Baughan, Georgia Tech (AP, UPI, CP, WC, AFCA, TSN, Time)
  • E.J. Holub, Texas Tech (NEA, FWAA)
  • Jim Andreotti, Northwestern (FWAA)


  • Richie Lucas, Penn State (UPI, NEA, CP, WC, AFCA, FWAA, TSN)
  • Don Meredith, Southern Methodist (FWAA, Time)
  • Bob Schloredt, Washington (AP)


  • Billy Cannon, LSU (AP, UPI, NEA, CP, WC, AFCA, FWAA, TSN, Time)
  • Ron Burton, Northwestern (UPI, NEA, CP, WC, AFCA, FWAA, TSN, Time)
  • Jim Mooty, Arkansas (AP)
  • Dean Look, Michigan State (FWAA)
  • Dwight Nichols, Iowa State (FWAA)


  • Charlie Flowers, Mississippi (AP, UPI, NEA, CP, WC, AFCA, FWAA, TSN)
  • Bob White, Ohio State (Time)
  • Jack Spikes, TCU (FWAA)


  • Bold = Consensus All-American[1]
  • AP = Associated Press [2]
  • UPI = United Press International [3]
  • NEA = Newspaper Enterprise Association [4]
  • CP = Central Press Association [5]
  • WC = Walter Camp Football Foundation[6]
  • AFCA = American Football Coaches Association[7]
  • FWAA = Football Writers Association of America[8]
  • TSN = The Sporting News[9]
  • Time = Time Magazine[10]

Heisman Trophy voting[edit]

The chart below reflects the point total in the 1959 Heisman Trophy voting.

Rank Name Position School Heisman points
1 Billy Cannon Halfback LSU 1,929
2 Richie Lucas Quarterback Penn State 613
3 Don Meredith Quarterback SMU 286
4 Bill Burrell Guard Illinois 196
5 Charlie Flowers Fullback Mississippi 193
6 Dean Look Halfback Michigan State 176
7 Dale Hackbart Quarterback Wisconsin 134


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