1960 Australian Grand Prix

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Australia  1960 Australian Grand Prix
Race details
Race 3 of 7 in 1960 Australian Drivers' Championship
Lowood Circuit.jpg
Date 12 June 1960
Location Lowood circuit, Tarampa, Queensland
Course Permanent racing facility
4.54 km (2.82 mi)
Distance 36 laps, 163.44 km (101.52 mi)
Weather Sunny
Pole position
Driver Australia Alec Mildren Cooper-Maserati
Time 1'45.9
Fastest lap
Driver Australia Lex Davison Aston Martin
Time 1'44
First Australia Alec Mildren Cooper-Maserati
Second Australia Lex Davison Aston Martin
Third Australia Bib Stillwell Cooper-Climax

The 1960 Australian Grand Prix was a motor race held at Lowood in Queensland, Australia on 12 June 1960. The race had 16 starters.

It was the twenty fifth Australian Grand Prix. Alec Mildren won his only AGP, which was also the second AGP victory for a rear-engined racing car. Mildren eschewed the near compulsory Climax FPF engine in favour of a Maserati sports car engine to power his Cooper T51, one of many such cars at the time who tried sports car engines in racing car chassis. Davison's Aston Martin too had a DB3S three litre sports car engine replacing the 2.5 litre.


Results as follows.[1]

Pos No. Driver Car Laps Time
1 2 Australia Alec Mildren Cooper T51 / Maserati 2.5L 36 1h 4m 35.05s
2 3 Australia Lex Davison Aston Martin DBR4/300 / Aston Martin 3.0L 36 1h 4m 35.55s
3 16 Australia Bib Stillwell Cooper T51 / Climax FPF 2.2L 36
4 70 Australia Jon Leighton Cooper T45 / Climax FPF 2.0L 35
5 71 Australia Noel Hall Cooper T51 / Climax FPF 2.0L 35
6 8 Australia Arnold Glass Maserati 250F / Maserati 2.5L 35
7 20 Australia Glynn Scott Cooper T43 / Climax FPF 1.7L
8 4 Australia Charlie Whatmore Lotus Eleven / Climax FPF 1.5L
9 33 Australia Mel McEwin Tornado II / Chevrolet 4.6L
10 49 Australia Noel Barnes MG TC Special / MG 1.5L
 ? 37 Australia Keith Russell MG TC Special / MG 1.5L
 ? 32 Australia Max Williams MG TC Special / MG 1.5L
 ? 10 Australia George Jamieson Lotus Eleven / Climax FW 1.1L
Ret 87 Australia Frank Matich Lotus 15 / Climax FPF 2.5L 9
Ret 18 Australia Stan Jones Maybach III / Chevrolet 4.6L 4
Ret 6 Australia Joe Bonenti MG TF Special / MG 1.5L
DNS 7 Australia Ern Tadgell Sabakat / Lycoming 7.9L



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