1960 English cricket season

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The 1960 English cricket season was marked by a throwing controversy which came to a head in the England v South Africa Test series. Umpire Syd Buller repeatedly called the South African fast bowler Geoff Griffin for throwing in the exhibition match staged following the early conclusion of the Lord's Test between England and South Africa in 1960, after umpire Frank Lee had called him during the Test itself. This had the effect of ending Griffin's Test career and of bringing to a head worldwide discontent about throwing and "dragging" that had caused controversy for the previous two years.[1]


Test series[edit]

England defeated South Africa 3-0.

Leading batsmen[edit]

Raman Subba Row topped the averages with 1503 runs @ 55.66.

Leading bowlers[edit]

Brian Statham topped the averages with 135 wickets @ 12.31.


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