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This is a summary of 1963 in music in the United Kingdom, including the official charts from that year.


A notable development of 1963 was the rise to fame of The Beatles. Their first album, released in March 1963, marked the beginning of a run during which eleven of their twelve studio albums released in the United Kingdom up to 1970 reached number one,[1] and their third single, "From Me to You", came out in April, starting an almost unbroken string of seventeen British number one singles for the band. Their initial impact on American television and radio audiences in November 1963 also marked the beginning of the British Invasion of the US charts by British groups, which began in earnest the following year.

Meanwhile, Benjamin Britten reached possibly the peak of his fame and popularity, not only with celebrations of his fiftieth birthday but also with the release of his recording of the War Requiem. This sold 200,000 copies within just five months of its release - and indeed might have sold more if Decca Records had not be caught on the hop by its phenomenal success both in the UK and the US, so failing to capitalise on the initial demand[2] - and won three Grammy awards.



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