1964 Grote Prijs van Limborg

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The inaugural Grote Prijs van Limborg (Limborgh Grand Prix), was the non-championship race for Formula Two cars. This was held on the Circuit Zolder, race track in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium, on 23 August 1964.[1]



A total of 30 F2 cars were entered for the event, however come qualifying, the field was down to 22.[1]


Jackie Stewart took pole position for Ron Harris – Team Lotus, in their Lotus-Cosworth 32, averaging a speed of 93.506 mph.[1]


The race was held over two heats, both of 25 laps of the Zolder circuit. The winner was based on the aggregated points scored across the two heats. Points were awarded, based on the drivers finishing positions. Denny Hulme took the overall winner spoils for works Brabham team, driving their Brabham-Cosworth BT10. Hulme won in an aggregated time of 1hr 24:47.2mins., averaging a speed of 89.165 mph. Around 45.9 seconds behind was the second place car of Lucien Bianchi, for the Ron Harris - Team Lotus in their Cosworth powered Lotus 32. The podium was completed by another of Ron Harris’s Lotus’s, of Brian Hart, in a Lotus 32, just a further 9.9 seconds behind his team-mate, despite being equal on points.[1]

Heat One saw Jackie Stewart take the win for Ron Harris’s, with Hulme just 4.6seconds adrift, with Richard Attwood in third. However, as Stewart and Attwood retired in the second heat, this left Hulme to stroll home, nearly 17 seconds clear of Alan Rees. Hart was a further 4.9 seconds behind, but this combined with his sixth place in heat one, left him equal on points with Bianchi, who finished fifth and fourth in the heats respectively, but around 10 seconds down on the aggregate race times.[1]


Aggregate Race Result[edit]

Pos. No. Driver Entrant Car - Engine Time, Laps Pts.
1st 10 New Zealand Denis Hulme Brabham Racing Developments Brabham-Cosworth BT10 1hr 24:47.2 3
2nd 4 Belgium Lucien Bianchi Ron Harris - Team Lotus Lotus-Cosworth 32 1hr 25:33.1 9
3rd 8 United Kingdom Brian Hart Ron Harris - Team Lotus Lotus-Cosworth 32 1hr 25:43.0 9
4th 58 United Kingdom David Hobbs Merlyn Racing Merlyn-Cosworth Mk 7 1hr 26:52.5 14
5th 24 France Jo Schlesser Ecurie Ford France S.A. Brabham-Cosworth BT10 1hr 26:57.4 15
6th 42 United Kingdom David Prophet David Prophet Racing Brabham-Cosworth BT10 1hr 27:28.8 16
7th 26 France Guy Ligier Ecurie Ford France S.A. Brabham-Cosworth BT6 1hr 28:06.4 17
8th 16 United Kingdom Alan Rees Roy Winkelmann Racing Brabham-Cosworth BT10 48 20
9th 34 Belgium Mauro Bianchi Société des Automobiles Alpine Alpine-Renault A270 46 24
NC 54 United Kingdom Richard Attwood Midland Racing Partnership Lola-Cosworth T55 35
NC 12 United Kingdom Mike Beckwith Normand Racing Team Ltd. Cooper-Cosworth T71 35
NC 6 United Kingdom Peter Procter Ron Harris – Team Lotus Lotus-Cosworth 32 32
NC 18 Australia Frank Gardner John Willment Autombiles Brabham-Cosworth BT10 29
NC 2 United Kingdom Jackie Stewart Ron Harris – Team Lotus Lotus-Cosworth 32 27
NC 28 France Jacques Maglia Jacques Maglia Brabham-Cosworth BT10 22
NC 46 Germany Kurt Ahrens, Jr. Kurt Ahrens, Jr. Cooper-Cosworth T65 13
NC 14 United Kingdom Tony Hegbourne Normand Racing Team Ltd. Cooper-Cosworth T71 12
NC 22 United States Peter Revson Team Alexis Alexis-Cosworth Mk 5 6
NC 44 Belgium Jean-Claude Franck David Prophet Racing Lotus-Cosworth 32 0
NC 20 Australia Paul Hawkins John Willment Automobiles Lola-Cosworth T55 0
DNS 44 United Kingdom Piers Courage David Prophet Racing Lotus-Cosworth 32
DNQ 32 Switzerland Frank Dörfliger Siffert Racing Team Brabham-Cosworth BT10

Heat 1 Result[edit]

Pos. Driver Time, Laps Reason Out
1st Stewart 42:15.2
2nd Hulme 42:19.8
3rd Attwood 42:22.0
4th Procter 42:39.5
5th L. Bianchi 42:42.1
6th Hart 42:55.9
7th Beckwith 43:23.6
8th Hobbs 43:26.8
9th Prophet 43:36.8
10th Schlesser 43:54.3
11th Ligier 43:57.7
12th Rees 23
13th Maglia 22
14th M. Bianchi 22
DNF Ahrens 13 Mechanical
DNF Hegbourne 12
DNF Revson 6
DNF Gardner 4 Oil Pipe
DNF Hawkins 0 Cam follower
DNF Franck 0 Oil pressure

Heat 2 Result[edit]

Pos. Driver Time, Laps Reason Out
1st Hulme 42:27.4
2nd Rees 42:44.2
3rd Hart 42:47.1
4th L. Bianchi 42:51.0
5th Gardner 43:00.7
6th Schlesse 43:03.1
7th Hobbs 43:27.7
8th Prophet 43:52.0
9th Ligier 44:08.7
10th M. Bianchi 24
DNF Attwood 10 Distributor
DNF Beckwith 10 Engine
DNF Procter 7 Engine
DNF Stewart 2 Engine


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