1965 Cape South Easter Trophy

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South Africa  1965 Cape South Easter Trophy
Race details
Non-Championship race in the 1965 Formula One season
Date 9 January 1965
Official name Cape South Easter Trophy
Location Killarney
Course Permanent racing facility
3.267 km (2.03 mi)
Distance 50 laps, 163.35 km (101.50 mi)
Pole position
Driver Rhodesia John Love Cooper-Climax
Time 1:27.5
First Australia Paul Hawkins Brabham-Climax
Second Rhodesia John Love Cooper-Climax
Third United Kingdom David Prophet Brabham-Climax

The 1965 Cape South Easter Trophy was a non-championship Formula One race held at Killarney on January 9, 1965, one week after the South African Grand Prix.


Pos Driver Constructor Time/Retired Grid
1 Australia Paul Hawkins Brabham-Climax 1:16:04.4
2 Rhodesia John Love Cooper-Climax +13.9 1
3 United Kingdom David Prophet Brabham-Climax +38.3
4 South Africa Peter de Klerk De Klerk-Alfa Romeo +2:01.0
5 Rhodesia Sam Tingle LDS-Alfa Romeo +2:01.0
6 South Africa Dennis Guscott Lotus-Climax +4:17.2