1965 Ceram Sea earthquake

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1965 Ceram Sea earthquake
1965 Ceram Sea earthquake is located in Sulawesi
1965 Ceram Sea earthquake
Date January 24, 1965
Magnitude 8.2 Mw
Depth 28.4 km
Epicenter 2°27′18″S 125°57′54″E / 2.455°S 125.965°E / -2.455; 125.965
Areas affected Indonesia
Tsunami yes
Casualties 71 [1]

The 1965 Ceram Sea earthquake occurred on January 24, 1965 at 00:11 UTC with a moment magnitude of 8.2 and its epicenter was located just off the southwestern coast of Sanana Island in eastern Indonesia.[2][3] The event occurred at a depth of 28 kilometers under the Ceram Sea, and a tsunami was generated which caused damage in Sanana, Buru, and Mangole.[4] During the tsunami three consecutive run-ups were reported in Seram Island,[5] and a four-meter run-up was reported at Buru Island.[1]

A series of tremors were reported during the week leading up to the mainshock. The number of people reported dead was 71 and up to 3,000 buildings and a total of 14 bridges were destroyed by both the earthquake and tsunami on Sanana.[2]