1965 Oaxaca earthquake

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1965 Oaxaca Earthquake
1965 Oaxaca earthquake is located in Mexico
1965 Oaxaca earthquake
Date 23 August 1965 (1965-08-23)
Magnitude Mw 7.5
Depth 12 km
Epicenter 15°23′N 96°07′W / 15.38°N 96.12°W / 15.38; -96.12
Casualties 6

The 1965 Oaxaca earthquake occurred in Mexico on August 23, 1965 at 13:46 (19:46 UTC). It was an earthquake with magnitude Mw 7.5.[1][2] 5 people were reported dead in Mexico City and 1 in Oaxaca. There was an anomalous change in seismic activities before the earthquake. There was a quiescent stage from late 1963 to mid-1964, and it was followed by a renewal of seismic activities before the main shock.[3] This earthquake was a shallow thrust earthquake in the interplate subduction zone, in which the Cocos Plate is subducting beneath the North American Plate.[4][5]


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