1966 Giro d'Italia

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1966 Giro d'Italia
Race details
Dates 18 May - 9 June
Stages 22
Distance 3,976 km (2,471 mi)
Winning time 111h 10' 48" (35.744 km/h or 22.210 mph)
Winner  Gianni Motta (ITA) (Molteni)
Second  Italo Zilioli (ITA) (Sanson)
Third  Jacques Anquetil (FRA) (Ford)

Points  Gianni Motta (ITA) (Molteni)
Mountains  Franco Bitossi (ITA) (Filotex)
Team Molteni

The 1966 Giro d'Italia of cycling, 49th edition of the Corsa Rosa, was held from 18 May to 8 June 1966. It consisted of 22 stages and was won by Gianni Motta.[1][2][3]

The points classification was introduced in this edition.


A total of 10 teams were invited to participate in the 1966 Giro d'Italia. Each team sent a squad of ten riders, so the Giro began with a peloton of 100 cyclists. Out of the 100 riders that started this edition of the Giro d'Italia, a total of 83 riders made it to the finish in Trieste.

The 10 teams that took part in the race were:

  • Salvarani
  • Bianchi
  • Filotex
  • Ford
  • Legnano
  • Mainetti
  • Molteni
  • Sanson
  • Vittadello
  • Mann

Final classment[edit]

Cyclist Country Time
1 Gianni Motta  Italy 111h 10' 48s
2 Italo Zilioli  Italy + 3' 57s
3 Jacques Anquetil  France + 4' 40s
4 Julio Jiménez  Spain + 5' 44s
5 Felice Gimondi  Italy + 6' 47s
6 Franco Balmamion  Italy + 7' 27s
7 Vittorio Adorni  Italy + 8' 00s
8 Franco Bitossi  Italy + 9' 24s
9 Vito Taccone  Italy + 11' 42s
10 Rolf Maurer   Switzerland + 20' 28s

Maglia rosa holders[edit]

Cyclist Country Stages
Vito Taccone  Italy 1st
Julio Jiménez  Spain 2nd-12th
Vittorio Adorni  Italy 13th-14th
Gianni Motta  Italy 15th-final

Other classifications[edit]


Stage From to km Stage winner Leader of General Classification
Monte Carlo Diano Marina 149 Vito Taccone  Italy Vito Taccone  Italy
Imperia Monesi 60 Julio Jiménez  Spain Julio Jiménez  Spain
Diano Marina Genova 120 Severino Andreoli  Italy Julio Jiménez  Spain
Genova Viareggio 241 Giovanni Knapp  Italy Julio Jiménez  Spain
Viareggio Chianciano Terme 222 Mino Bariviera  Italy Julio Jiménez  Spain
Chianciano Terme Rome 226 Raffaele Marcoli  Italy Julio Jiménez  Spain
Rome Rocca di Cambio 158 Rudi Altig  West Germany Julio Jiménez  Spain
Rocca di Cambio Naples 238 Marino Basso  Italy Julio Jiménez  Spain
Napoli Campobasso 210 Vincent Denson  United Kingdom Julio Jiménez  Spain
10ª Campobasso Giulianova 221 Dino Zandegù  Italy Julio Jiménez  Spain
11ª Giulianova Cesenatico 229 Rudi Altig  West Germany Julio Jiménez  Spain
12ª Cesenatico Reggio Emilia 206 Dino Zandegù  Italy Julio Jiménez  Spain
13ª Parma Parma (cron.) 46 Vittorio Adorni  Italy Vittorio Adorni  Italy
14ª Parma Arona 267 Franco Bitossi  Italy Vittorio Adorni  Italy
15ª Arona Brescia 196 Julio Jiménez  Spain Gianni Motta  Italy
16ª Brescia Bezzecca 143 Franco Bitossi  Italy Gianni Motta  Italy
17ª Riva del Garda Levico Terme 239 Gianni Motta  Italy Gianni Motta  Italy
18ª Levico Terme Bolzano 137 Michele Dancelli  Italy Gianni Motta  Italy
19ª Molzano Moena 100 Gianni Motta  Italy Gianni Motta  Italy
20ª Moena Belluno 215 Felice Gimondi  Italy Gianni Motta  Italy
21ª Belluno Vittorio Veneto 181 Pietro Scandelli  Italy Gianni Motta  Italy
22ª Vittorio Veneto Trieste 172 Mino Bariviera  Italy Gianni Motta  Italy


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