1971 Sudanese coup d'état

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1971 Sudanese coup d'état
Date 19–22 July 1971
Location Sudan
Result Coup attempt fails, Nimeiry government restored, anti-communist purges by government forces in Sudan, execution of several SCP leaders
Sudan Democratic Republic of Sudan SCP
Commanders and leaders
Sudan Gaafar Nimeiry Maj. Hashem al Atta
Abdel Khaliq Mahjub
Joseph Garang

The 1971 Sudanese coup d'état was a short-lived communist-backed coup, led by Major Hashem al Atta, against the government of President Gaafar Nimeiry. The coup took place on 19 July 1971, toppling the government of Sudan, but was ultimately unsuccessful as the Nimeiry government was restored on 22 July.

The coup brought major changes in Sudan's foreign and domestic policies. In its aftermath, leading members of the Sudanese Communist Party were executed, and several communist-dominated trade unions were banned. In his foreign policy, Nimeiry expelled East German security advisers and denounced the Soviet Union and most of its European allies for their attitude to the attempted coup.[1][2]