1972 NHL Expansion Draft

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1972 NHL Expansion Draft
General information
Date(s) June 6, 1972
Expansion team(s) New York Islanders
Atlanta Flames
NHL Expansion and Dispersal Drafts
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The 1972 NHL Expansion Draft was held on June 6, 1972. The draft took place to fill the rosters of the league's two then-new expansion teams for the 1972–73 season, the New York Islanders and the Atlanta Flames.


Draft results[edit]

Atlanta Flames[edit]

Pick # Player Position Drafted from
1. Phil Myre Goaltender Montreal Canadiens
3. Dan Bouchard Goaltender Boston Bruins
6. Kerry Ketter Defenceman Montreal Canadiens
8. Norm Gratton Left Wing New York Rangers
10. Ron Harris Defenceman Detroit Red Wings
12. Larry Romanchych Right wing Chicago Black Hawks
14. Bill MacMillan Left wing Toronto Maple Leafs
16. Randy Manery Defenceman Detroit Red Wings
18. Keith McCreary Right wing Pittsburgh Penguins
20. Ernie Hicke Centre California Golden Seals
22. Lew Morrison Right wing Philadelphia Flyers
24. Lucien Grenier Left wing Los Angeles Kings
26. Bill Plager Defenceman St. Louis Blues
28. Morris Stefaniw Centre New York Rangers
30. John Stewart Left wing Pittsburgh Penguins
32. Bob Leiter Centre Pittsburgh Penguins
34. Pat Quinn Defenceman Vancouver Canucks
36. Larry Hale Defenceman Philadelphia Flyers
38. Bill Heindl Left wing Minnesota North Stars
40. Frank Hughes Left wing California Golden Seals
42. Rod Zaine Centre Buffalo Sabres

New York Islanders[edit]

Pick # Player Position Drafted from
2. Gerry Desjardins Goaltender Chicago Black Hawks
4. Billy Smith Goaltender Los Angeles Kings
5. Bart Crashley Defenceman Montreal Canadiens
7. Dave Hudson Centre Chicago Black Hawks
9. Ed Westfall Right Wing Boston Bruins
11. Garry Peters Centre Boston Bruins
13. Larry Hornung Defenceman St. Louis Blues
15. Bryan Lefley Defenceman New York Rangers
17. Brian Spencer Left wing Toronto Maple Leafs
19. Terry Crisp Centre St. Louis Blues
21. Ted Hampson Centre Minnesota North Stars
23. Gerry Hart Defenceman Detroit Red Wings
25. John Schella Defenceman Vancouver Canucks
27. Bill Mikkelson Defenceman Los Angeles Kings
29. Craig Cameron Right wing Minnesota North Stars
31. Tom Miller Centre Toronto Maple Leafs
33. Brian Marchinko Centre Buffalo Sabres
35. Ted Taylor Left wing Vancouver Canucks
37. Norm Ferguson Right wing California Golden Seals
39. Jim Mair Defenceman Philadelphia Flyers
41. Ken Murray Defenceman Buffalo Sabres

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