1973–74 Whitbread Round the World Race

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The first Whitbread Round the World Race started off from Portsmouth, England on September 8, 1973. Seventeen yachts of various sizes and rigs took part. During the race three sailors were swept over board and died: Paul Waterhouse, Dominique Guillet and Bernie Hosking. Waterhouse and Guillet were never to be seen again.[1]

Leg Start Finish Leg winner Skipper
1 Portsmouth, England Cape Town, South Africa Sayula II Ramón Carlin
2 Cape Town, South Africa Sydney, Australia Pen Duick VI Éric Tabarly
3 Sydney, Australia Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Great Britain II Chay Blyth
4 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Portsmouth, England Sayula II Ramón Carlin

Final Standings[edit]

The crew of the Mexican yacht Sayula II, a brand new Swan 65 owned and skippered by mexican Captain Ramón Carlin, successfully won the overall race in 133 days and 13 hours. Her actual time was 152 days [1].

Race results[edit]

Place Boat Country Skipper(s) Corrected time
1 Sayula II  Mexico Ramón Carlin 133 days 13 hours
2 Adventure  United Kingdom Patrick Bryans, Malcolm Skene, George Vallings, Roy Mullender 135 days 8 hours
3 Grand Louis  France André Viant 138 days 15 hours
4 Kriter  France Jack Grout, Michael Malinovsky en Alain Gliksman 141 days 2 hours
5 Guia  Italy Giorgio Falck 142 days 19 hours
6 Great Britain II  United Kingdom Chay Blyth 144 days 11 hours
7 Second Life  United Kingdom Roddy Ainslie 150 days 8 hours
8 Cserb  Italy Doi Malingri 155 days 7 hours
9 British Soldier  United Kingdom James Myatt 156 days 21 hours
10 Tauranga  Italy Eric Pascoli 156 days 22 hours
11 Copernicus  Poland Zygfryd Perlicki 166 days 19 hours
12 33 Export  France Jean-Pierre Millet, Dominque Guillet 175 days 22 hours
13 Otago  Poland Zdzislaw Pienkawa 178 days 9 hours
14 Peter von Danzig  West Germany Reinhard Laucht 179 days 15 hours
Dnf Pen Duick VI  France Eric Tabarly -
Dnf Burton Cutter  United Kingdom Leslie Williams, Alan Smith -
Dnf Jakaranda  South Africa John Goodwin -
Dnf Concorde  France Pierre Chassin -
Dnf Pen Duick III  France M. Cuiklinski -


Full details of finishing positions

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