1974 Central American and Caribbean Junior Championships in Athletics

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I Central American and Caribbean Junior Championships
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Host city Maracaibo, Venezuela Venezuela
Date(s) 12–15 December
Level Junior
Participation about 196 athletes from
10 nations
Events 36

The 1st Central American and Caribbean Junior Championships was held in Maracaibo, Venezuela on 12–15 December 1974, one and a half year after having already hosted the 4th CAC senior championships in July 1973.

Event summary[edit]

The athletes from Mexico gained most of the gold medals. In the total medal count, Venezuela equalizes the Mexican result, both countries gaining 21 each.

In the under-20 men category, Anthony Husbands, Trinidad and Tobago, won two gold (100m, 200m) and one silver medal (4x100m relay), double gold was won by José Briano from Mexico (3000m, 5000m), and Carmelo Martínez from Cuba (Long jump, Triple jump).

In the under-20 women category, Dorothy Scott, Jamaica, won three golds (100m, Long jump, 4x100m relay), and Maureen Gottschalk, Jamaica, gained two golds (200m, 4x400m relay) and one bronze medal (400m).

The event saw an early appearance of Ernesto Canto, Mexico, who the won the gold medal in the men's 20 kilometre walk event at the 1984 Summer Olympics held in Los Angeles, United States. He was successful in the 10000 metres Track Walk competition. Moreover, Luis Delís from Cuba won the Discus competition. He was going to win the bronze medal at the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow, Soviet Union, as well as silver at the 1983 World Championships in Helsinki, Finland, and bronze at the 1987 World Championships in Rome, Italy.

Medal summary[edit]

Medal winners are published by category: Junior A, Male,[1] and Junior A, Female.[2]

Male Junior A (under 20)[edit]

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres
(4.1 m/s)
 Anthony Husbands (TRI) 10.76 w  Miguel Conde (VEN) 10.76 w  Everard Samuels (JAM) 10.79 w
200 metres
(1.8 m/s)
 Anthony Husbands (TRI) 21.37  Miguel Conde (VEN) 21.40  Hamil Grimes (BAR) 21.42
400 metres  Alexis Herrera (VEN) 48.00  Harcourt Watson (BAR) 48.11  Richard Ross (TRI) 48.93
800 metres  Sedley Webster (JAM) 1:55.1  Restituto Ibáñez (MEX) 1:55.5  Trevor Small (BAR) 1:56.0
1500 metres  Ignacio Melecio (MEX) 3:58.3  Louis Charles (TRI) 4:02.5  Osman Escobar (VEN) 4:04.1
3000 metres  José Briano (MEX) 8:51.4  Isaías Matías (MEX) 8:52.6  Teodisio Perozo (VEN) 8:53.1
5000 metres  José Briano (MEX) 15:05.3  Pedro Santiago (PUR) 15:11.1  Pedro Rodríguez (VEN) 15:11.2
2000 metres steeplechase  Rubén Lee (MEX) 6:07.5  Guadalupe Bárcenas (MEX) 6:07.6  José Torres (PUR) 6:10.8
110 metres hurdles  Jesús Costa (PUR) 14.54  Jocelyn Wynter (JAM) 14.64  David Delgado (MEX) 14.82
400 metres hurdles  Mark Stoute (BAR) 55.82  Jesús Costa (PUR) 55.83  Freddy Aberdeen (VEN) 55.86
High Jump  Juan Lago (MEX) 1.99  Owen Cunningham (JAM) 1.99  Mariano Reyes (DOM) 1.84
Pole Vault  Carlos Zequeira (PUR) 4.00  Tomás Lugo (MEX) 3.80  Jorge Taylor (CUB) 3.70
Long Jump  Carmelo Martínez (CUB) 7.05  Rey Quiñones (PUR) 6.85  Anthony Jones (TRI) 6.58
Triple Jump  Carmelo Martínez (CUB) 15.58  José Rivera (PUR) 13.82  Héctor Landrau (PUR) 13.80
Shot Put  Santiago Pernía (VEN) 13.88  Joey Ward (BAH) 13.68  Manuel Estrada (MEX) 13.00
Discus Throw  Luis Delís (CUB) 49.02  Armando Orozco (CUB) 39.76  Orlando Figueros (PUR) 39.08
Hammer Throw  Armando Orozco (CUB) 62.84  Pedro Escalona (PUR) 43.12  Raúl Franco (VEN) 40.64
Javelin Throw  Orángel Rodríguez (VEN) 59.40  Rafael Vélez (PUR) 57.48  Enzo Serra (VEN) 53.68
Decathlon  Jorge Taylor (CUB) 6253  Javier Meza (MEX) 5653  Oscar Pérez (VEN) 5613
10000 metres Track Walk  Ernesto Canto (MEX) 48:34.5  Marcos Castro (MEX) 51:36.0  Juan Polido (VEN) 62:45.3
4 x 100 metres relay  Jamaica
O. James
David Green
Everard Samuels
41.96  Trinidad and Tobago
David Modeste
Cyril Lewis
Anthony Husbands
Gary Andrews
42.10  Venezuela
Alexis Herrera
Hipolito Brown
Manuel Briceño
4 x 400 metres relay  Trinidad and Tobago
Anthony Meyers
Anthony Lyons
Searl Pascall
Richard Ross
3:17.71  Venezuela
Ismael Castañeda
César Romero
Enrique Regis
Alexis Herrera
3:19.54  Barbados
Hamil Grimes
Mark Stoute
Trevor Small

Female Junior A (under 20)[edit]

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres
(2.9 m/s)
 Dorothy Scott (JAM) 11.77 w  Esther Hope (TRI) 12.04 w  Carmeta Drummond (JAM) 12.07 w
200 metres
(3.5 m/s)
 Maureen Gottschalk (JAM) 24.29 w  Sandra Fournillier (TRI) 25.02 w  Adriana Marchena (VEN) 25.08 w
400 metres  Mercedes Álvarez (CUB) 55.90  Verone Webber (JAM) 56.23  Maureen Gottschalk (JAM) 56.33
800 metres  Adriana Marchena (VEN) 2:14.01  Ileana Hocking (PUR) 2:14.04  Reva Knight (JAM) 2:16.38
1500 metres  Ileana Hocking (PUR) 4:45.61  C. Vinar (JAM) 4:51.48  Cheryll Haynes (BAR) 4:54.08
100 metres hurdles
(2.0 m/s)
 María Ángeles Cato (MEX) 14.57  Angela Carbonell (CUB) 14.83  Cheryl Blackman (BAR) 14.94
High Jump  Angela Carbonell (CUB) 1.72  Ana Rojas (VEN) 1.69  Margarita Ávila (MEX) 1.69
Long Jump  Dorothy Scott (JAM) 5.80  Valerie Morris (JAM) 5.72  Angela Carbonell (CUB) 5.61
Shot Put  Luz Gómez (MEX) 11.20  Lyn George (TRI) 10.84  Zenobia Aranguibel (VEN) 10.10
Discus Throw  Zenobia Aranguibel (VEN) 34.38  Luz Gómez (MEX) 31.38  Greta Alexander (TRI) 28.80
Javelin Throw  Lyn George (TRI) 42.04  Guadalupe Dávila (MEX) 37.12  Sonia Ojeda (VEN) 36.80
Pentathlon  María Ángeles Cato (MEX) 3717  Maritza García (CUB) 3697  Cheryl Blackman (BAR) 3038
4 x 100 metres relay  Jamaica
S. White
Dorothy Scott
E. Williams
Lola Ramsay
46.86  Trinidad and Tobago
Ann Adams
Esther Hope
Sandra Fournillier
Janice Bernard
47.07  Venezuela
Virginia Rincón
Deyanira Medina
Carmen Álvarez
Adriana Marchena
4 x 400 metres relay  Jamaica
Reva Knight
Verone Webber
Jackie Pusey
Maureen Gottschalk
3:51.91  Trinidad and Tobago
Drucilla Maxwell
Ann Adams
Jennifer Augustine
Carol Charles
3:52.51  Mexico
Guadelupe Gómez
Araceli Arana
Guadalupe García
María Cato

Medal table (unofficial)[edit]

  The host country is highlighted in lavender blue
Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Mexico 9 8 4 21
2  Jamaica 7 5 4 16
3  Cuba 7 3 2 12
4  Venezuela 5 4 13 22
5  Trinidad and Tobago 4 7 3 14
6  Puerto Rico 3 7 3 13
7  Barbados 1 1 6 8
8  Bahamas 0 1 0 1
9  Dominican Republic 0 0 1 1

Participation (unofficial)[edit]

Detailed result lists can be found on the World Junior Athletics History website.[3] An unofficial count yields the number of about 196 athletes from about 10 countries:


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