1977 America's Cup

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23rd America's Cup
Defender United States
Defender club: New York Yacht Club New York Yacht Club burgee
Yacht: Courageous
Challenger Australia
Challenger club: Sun City Yacht Club
Yacht: Australia
Location: Newport, Rhode Island, United States
Dates: 13–18 September 1977
Rule: 12-metre
Winner: New York Yacht Club
Score: 4–0

The 1977 America's Cup was held in September 1977 at Newport, Rhode Island.[1] The US defender, Courageous, skippered by Ted Turner, defeated the Australian challenger, Australia, skippered by Noel Robins, four races to zero.[2] Courageous' greatest winning margin out of all four races was 2 minutes and 23 seconds.[2] It was the second unsuccessful challenge by Alan Bond.[3]

Courageous had beaten Enterprise and Independence to become the defender. Australia had beaten France, Gretel II and Sverige to become the challenger.[4]


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