1978 Toronto International Film Festival

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1978 Toronto International Film Festival
1978 Toronto International Film Festival poster.jpg
Festival poster
Opening film In Praise of Older Women[1]
Location Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hosted by Toronto International Film Festival Group
Number of films 85 feature films
Festival date September 14, 1978 (1978-09-14)–September 21, 1978 (1978-09-21)
Language English

The 3rd Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) took place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada between September 14 and September 21, 1978. It showcased 85 films, the lowest number of films in festival history.[2][3] In Praise of Older Women directed by George Kaczender was selected as the opening film.[1] Ontario Censor Board objected to a 40 second scene between Marilyn Lightstone and Tom Berenger, co-producer of the film Robert Lantos cut the scene for theatrical run. Despite that, some of the TIFF staff managed to smuggle original uncut version of the film and run it into theater. The news got lots of publicity from press, which increased public interest in the film resulting in high number of tickets sale. Difficulties arose when audience waiting outside the theater noticed that each ticket admitted two person thus caused anger in crowd. The audience who were not able to get seats during first time, were invited to a later screening.[4][5] People's Choice Award was introduced this year, which is given to the feature film and voted by festival audience.[6]

Louis Malle's film Pretty Baby was banned by the censor board, due to its sensitive subject.[5]


Award[7][8] Film Director
People's Choice Award Girlfriends Claudia Weill


Gala Presentation[edit]

Canadian Cinema[edit]



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