1980 America's Cup

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24th America's Cup
Photograph of the yacht Freedom under sail
Defender United States
Defender club: New York Yacht Club New York Yacht Club burgee
Yacht: Freedom
Challenger Australia
Challenger club: Royal Perth Yacht Club Royal Perth Yacht Club burgee
Yacht: Australia
Location: Newport, Rhode Island, United States
Dates: September 1980
Rule: 12-metre
Winner: New York Yacht Club
Score: 4–1

The 1980 America's Cup was held in September 1980 at Newport, Rhode Island. The US defender, Freedom, skippered by Dennis Conner, defeated the Australian challenger, Australia, skippered by James Hardy,[1] four races to one. This was the last successful defence of the cup by the New York Yacht Club and the last defender designed by the naval architectural firm Sparkman & Stephens. It was the sixth unsuccessful challenge by Australia and the third by Alan Bond.

Freedom had beaten Courageous and Clipper to become the defender. Australia had beaten France III, Lionheart and Sverige to become the challenger.[2]


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