1980 Summer Olympics opening ceremony

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Opening ceremony of the 1980 Summer Olympics at the Central Lenin Stadium. RIAN photo.

The Opening Ceremony of the 1980 Summer Olympics was officially opening ceremony in held afternoon at 16:00 Moscow Time (UTC+3) on 19 July 1980 in the Grand Arena of the Central Lenin Stadium. It was attended by the Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, Leonid Brezhnev, and IOC President Lord Killanin.

Sequence of events[edit]

Olympic Flag is on the stadium. RIAN photo.
Friendship of the Peoples dance suite. RIAN photo.
    • Friendship of the Peoples: A dance suite featuring the traditional dances of the 15 Soviet republics. The Russian finale also featured troikas and a final performance by the performers from all the republics (to the tune of the Russian folk song Kalinka). The song "Wide Is My Motherland" (Широка страна моя родная, from the movie Circus) was also heard at the beginning and end of the suite.
    • Gymnasts' performance, including ribbon, ball and pommel horse displays.
    • Misha: Scores of performers donned as Misha, the Moscow Olympics mascot, dance in the stadium field.
    • Children's performance, beginning with a boys' pole horse performance, followed by a girls' doll performance. Gymnastic maneuvers were done by the performance in each part of the segment, which ended with the boys and girls mixed together, forming groups of "troikas", then leaving the scene.
    • Performance of acrobats and trampoline gymnastics display.
Five pillars - five Olympic Rings. RIAN photo.
    • Appearance of five pillars in the configuration of the Olympic Rings. Each pillar held performers forming "human vases".
    • Finale: Performers from throughout the opening ceremony re-entered the stadium as the Moscow Olympics' theme song "Moscow Gives the Start" (Старт даёт Москва, Start dayot Moskva) was sung, and would later exit again. Balloons were released. The card stunt at this time was showing the Moscow 1980 Olympic logo.

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