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This article is about the This Mortal Coil compilation. For Run DMC compilation, see Together Forever: Greatest Hits 1983–1991.
Box set by This Mortal Coil
Released 1993
Genre Gothic rock
Label 4AD
Producer Ivo Watts-Russell and John Fryer
This Mortal Coil chronology

1983–1991 is a four-CD box set of material by gothic rock supergroup This Mortal Coil, released in 1993 on the 4AD label.[1] The box set was released only in the United States, and was distributed by Warner Bros. Records, with whom 4AD maintained a distribution deal at the time. This marked the first domestic USA release for most of the band's output, as only the debut, It'll End in Tears, had been released in the USA previously.

The box set contains all three of the band's LPs, presented in their original form, with no bonus tracks or extra material.[2] The fourth CD is entitled "Original Versions," and features the original recordings of 21 of the many songs the band covered.

Featuring lavish packaging typical of 4AD and design associates V23, the box set has been out of print for many years, and is considered highly collectible amongst fans of the label. Used sets routinely fetch more than $100USD on eBay and other sites where used CDs are sold. On the other hand, some 4AD fans have been critical of the box set's shortcomings over the years. This includes the absence of the band's debut EP, Sixteen Days/Gathering Dust, the lack of any outtakes or other new material, and the fact that the "Original Versions" disc is missing several songs that had been covered by the band. Many fans were also upset that the set was not released in the UK, 4AD's home country, and where This Mortal Coil had experienced the most success.

The box set is dedicated to His Name Is Alive frontman Warren Defever.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Original Artist Length
1. "Another Day"   Roy Harper  
2. "Mr. Somewhere"   The Apartments  
3. "With Tomorrow"   Gene Clark  
4. "Holocaust"   Big Star  
5. "Kangaroo"   Big Star  
6. "Carolyn's Song"   Rain Parade  
7. "I Want to Live"   Gary Ogan & Bill Lamb  
8. "Alone"   Colin Newman  
9. "Drugs"   Talking Heads  
10. "Help Me Lift You Up"   Mary Margaret O'Hara  
11. "Song to the Siren"   Tim Buckley  
12. "Morning Glory"   Tim Buckley  
13. "I Must Have Been Blind"   Tim Buckley  
14. "Several Times"   Pieter Nooten & Michael Brook  
15. "The Jeweller"   Pearls Before Swine  
16. "I Come and Stand at Every Door"   The Byrds  
17. "I Am the Cosmos"   Chris Bell  
18. "You and Your Sister"   Chris Bell  
19. "'Til I Gain Control Again"   Emmylou Harris  
20. "Nature's Way"   Spirit  
21. "Strength of Strings"   Gene Clark  


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