1983 World Championships in Athletics – Men's shot put

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Events at the
1983 World Championships
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These are the official results of men's shot put at the 1983 IAAF World Championships in Helsinki, Finland. There were a total number of 20 participating athletes, with the final held on 7 August 1983.


Gold Poland Edward Sarul
Poland (POL)
Silver East Germany Ulf Timmermann
East Germany (GDR)
Bronze Czechoslovakia Remigius Machura
Czechoslovakia (TCH)


Qualification Round
Group A Group B
07.08.1983 – 11:00h 07.08.1983 – 11:00h
Final Round
07.08.1983 – 19:00h


  • All results shown are in metres
Q automatic qualification
q qualification by rank
DNS did not start
NM no mark
WR world record
AR area record
NR national record
PB personal best
SB season best


Standing records prior to the 1983 World Athletics Championships
World Record  Udo Beyer (GDR) 22.22 m June 25, 1983 United States Los Angeles, United States
Event Record New event
Broken records during the 1983 World Athletics Championships
Event Record  Dave Laut (USA) 21.08 m August 7, 1983 Finland Helsinki, Finland
Event Record  Ulf Timmermann (GDR) 21.16 m August 7, 1983 Finland Helsinki, Finland
Event Record  Edward Sarul (POL) 21.39 m August 7, 1983 Finland Helsinki, Finland


Med 1.png  Edward Sarul (POL) 21.39 m
Med 2.png  Ulf Timmermann (GDR) 21.16 m
Med 3.png  Remigius Machura (TCH) 20.98 m
4.  Dave Laut (USA) 20.60 m
5.  Jānis Bojārs (URS) 20.32 m
6.  Udo Beyer (GDR) 20.09 m
7.  Alessandro Andrei (ITA) 20.07 m
8.  Aulis Akonniemi (FIN) 19.85 m
9.  Vladimir Milić (YUG) 19.71 m
10.  Mike Lehmann (USA) 19.69 m
11.  Josef Kubeš (TCH) 19.67 m
12.  Ivan Ivančić (YUG) 19.52 m


  • Held on Sunday 1983-08-07
1.  Dave Laut (USA) 21.08 m
2.  Remigius Machura (TCH) 20.76 m
3.  Ulf Timmermann (GDR) 20.10 m
4.  Jānis Bojārs (URS) 20.04 m
5.  Vladimir Milić (YUG) 19.66 m
6.  Aulis Akonniemi (FIN) 19.65 m
7.  Alessandro Andrei (ITA) 19.57 m
8.  Bishop Dolegiewicz (CAN) 18.68 m
9.  Ahmed Kamel Shatta (EGY) 16.73 m
 Adnan Houry (SYR) NM

1.  Edward Sarul (POL) 20.82 m
2.  Udo Beyer (GDR) 20.29 m
3.  Mike Lehmann (USA) 19.88 m
4.  Ivan Ivančić (YUG) 19.74 m
5.  Josef Kubeš (TCH) 19.73 m
6.  Kevin Akins (USA) 19.48 m
7.  Erwin Weitzl (AUT) 19.23 m
8.  Werner Günthör (SUI) 19.18 m
9.  Bruno Pauletto (CAN) 18.32 m
10.  Sergey Smirnov (URS) 18.03 m

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