1983 in Australia

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1983 in Australia
Monarchy Elizabeth II
Governor-General Ninian Stephen
Prime minister Malcolm Fraser, then Bob Hawke

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  • 30 April – Four Corners program aired exposing allegations that NSW Premier Neville Wran had tried to influence the magistry over the dropping of fraud charges against Kevin Humphreys, charged with misappropriation of funds from the Balmain Leagues Club. Humphreys is forced to resign his position as President of the NSWRL, while Wran has to face the Street Royal Commission over the allegations & was later exonerated.
  • 26 September – After Australia's America's Cup win, Prime Minister Bob Hawke goes on the Today show and declared a public holiday for that day, stating that "any boss who sacks anyone for not turning up today is a bum."
  • 27 November – The last ever episode of The Don Lane Show goes to air on GTV-9.




  • 28 January – Frank Forde, fifteenth Prime Minister of Australia (born 1890)
  • 29 August – Decima Norman, track and field athlete (born 1909)


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