1984 in Australia

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1984 in Australia
Monarchy Elizabeth II
Governor-General Ninian Stephen
Prime minister Bob Hawke
Population 15,393,472
Elections Federal, NSW

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  • 1 February – Medicare comes into effect in Australia.
  • 2 February – Melbourne newspaper The Age publishes phone taps incriminating an unknown judge.
  • 6 February – A bomb blast wrecks the home of Judge Richard Gee in the Sydney suburb of Belrose. High Court Judge, Justice Lionel Murphy is named in Parliament as the judge referred to in The Age tapes published on 2 February.
  • 24 March – Wran Government re-elected in NSW for a 4th term.
  • April - A 115g jar of Vegemite is the first product in Australia to be electronically scanned at a checkout.[1]
  • 19 April – Advance Australia Fair is proclaimed as Australia's national anthem, and green and gold as the national colours.
  • 14 May – The one dollar coin is introduced in Australia.
  • 18 May - In New South Wales gay sex between consenting adult males is decriminalised.
  • 18 July – National Crime Authority established
  • 1 August – Australian banks are deregulated.
  • 21 August – The Federal budget is televised for the first time.
  • 2–7 September people shot dead and 12 wounded in bikie shootout between rival bikie gangs the Bandidos and Comancheros in the Sydney suburb of Milperra.
  • August – Brenda Hodge becomes the last person to be sentenced to death by Western Australia, and in the country as a whole, before the complete abolition of capital punishment. Her sentence is later commuted to life imprisonment.
  • 5 September – Western Australia becomes the last Australian state to abolish capital punishment for ordinary crimes (i.e. murder). New South Wales maintained it as a punishment for treason and piracy with violence until 1985†, when capital punishment was finally abolished in Australia.
  • 1 November - National Film + Sound Archives (Screensound Australia) opens in Canberra
  • 26 November – Former NSW Corrective Services Minister Rex Jackson appears in Court on conspiracy charges for the early release of Prisoners.
  • 2 December – Hawke Government re-elected with a reduced majority.

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