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The following is an overview of events in 1984 in film, including the highest-grossing films, award ceremonies and festivals, a list of films released and notable deaths. The year's highest-grossing film was Beverly Hills Cop. Ghostbusters overtook it however, with a re-release the following year. Other popular films included The Neverending Story, which was the most expensive film produced in West Germany, The Karate Kid and Romancing the Stone. A high number of sci-fi/fantasy films were released in 1984.

Highest-grossing films (U.S.)[edit]

The top ten 1984 released films by box office gross in North America are as follows:

Highest-grossing films of 1984[1]
Rank Title Studio Domestic gross
1. Ghostbusters Columbia Pictures $238,632,124
2. Beverly Hills Cop Paramount Pictures $234,760,478
3. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Paramount Pictures / Lucasfilm $179,870,271
4. Gremlins Warner Bros. $153,083,102
5. The Karate Kid Columbia Pictures $90,815,558
6. Police Academy Warner Bros. / The Ladd Company $81,198,894
7. Footloose Paramount Pictures $80,035,402
8. The Terminator Orion Pictures $78,400,000
9. Romancing the Stone 20th Century Fox $78,371,200
10. Star Trek III: The Search for Spock Paramount Pictures $76,572,238



Academy Awards:

Best Picture: Amadeus
Best Director: Miloš Forman - Amadeus
Best Actor: F. Murray Abraham - Amadeus
Best Actress: Sally Field - Places in the Heart
Best Supporting Actor: Haing S. Ngor - The Killing Fields
Best Supporting Actress: Peggy Ashcroft - A Passage to India
Best Foreign Language Film: La diagonale du fou (Dangerous Moves), directed by Richard Dembo, Switzerland

Golden Globe Awards:

Best Picture: Amadeus
Best Actor: F. Murray Abraham - Amadeus
Best Actress: Sally Field - Places in the Heart
Musical or comedy:
Best Picture: Romancing the Stone
Best Actor: Dudley Moore - Micki & Maude
Best Actress: Kathleen Turner - Romancing the Stone
Best Director: Miloš Forman - Amadeus
Best Foreign English Language Film: A Passage to India, U.K. / U.S.A.

Palme d'Or (Cannes Film Festival):

Paris, Texas, directed by Wim Wenders, France / W. Germany

Golden Lion (Venice Film Festival):

The Year of the Quiet Sun (Rok spokojnego slonca), directed by Krzysztof Zanussi,

Golden Bear (Berlin Film Festival):

Love Streams, directed by John Cassavetes, United States

Notable films released in 1984[edit]

U.S.A. unless stated
























Wide-release movies[edit]






Notable deaths[edit]

Month Date Name Age Country Profession Notable films
January 20 Johnny Weissmuller 79 Mexico Actor Tarzan the Ape ManTarzan and His Mate
29 Frances Goodrich 93 USA Writer It's a Wonderful LifeFather of the Bride
February 15 Ethel Merman 76 USA Singer, Actress Airplane!It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
March 1 Jackie Coogan 69 USA Actor, Director The KidCahill U.S. Marshal
5 William Powell 91 USA Actor The Thin ManMy Man Godfrey
12 Arnold Ridley 88 UK Actor, Writer, Director A Man for All SeasonsCarry On Girls
24 Sam Jaffe 93 USA Actor Ben-HurThe Day the Earth Stood Still
27 Jack Donohue 75 USA Director Marriage on the RocksAssault on a Queen
27 Derek Francis 60 UK Actor JabberwockyA Christmas Carol
April 1 George Glass 73 USA Producer, Production Manager Guess Who's Coming to DinnerOne-Eyed Jacks
13 Richard Hurndall 73 UK Actor I, Monster
16 Byron Haskin 84 USA Director The War of the WorldsI Walk Alone
18 Francis de Wolff 71 UK Actor From Russia with LoveCarry On Cleo
May 4 Diana Dors 52 UK Actress Lady Godiva Rides AgainThe Unholy Wife
16 Andy Kaufman 35 USA Actor God Told Me ToHeartbeeps
16 Irwin Shaw 71 USA Screenwriter, Author The Talk of the TownThe Young Lions'
20 Peter Bull 72 UK Actor Dr. StrangeloveThe Africian Queen
21 Andrea Leeds 72 UK Actress Stage DoorAnna Karenina
21 Ann Little 93 USA Actress The Roaring RoadThe Invaders
22 John Marley 76 USA Actor The GodfatherLove Story
June 15 Ned Glass 78 USA Actor North by NorthwestWest Side Story
18 Luis Moglia Barth 81 Argentine Director, Writer, Producer ¡Tango!
20 Estelle Winwood 101 UK Actress The MisfitsThe Producers
22 Joseph Losey 75 USA Director The DamnedAccident
July 11 Hugh Morton 81 UK Actor Man of the Moment
23 Carl Foreman 69 USA Writer, Producer High NoonThe Guns of Navarone
25 Akihiko Hirata 56 Japan Actor SanjuroGodzilla
27 James Mason 75 Switzerland Actor, Producer North by NorthwestLolita
August 4 Mary Miles Minter 82 USA Actress Anne of Green GablesNurse Marjorie
4 Howard Culver 66 Hong Kong Actor Halloween IIThe Bad News Bears
5 Richard Burton 58 Switzerland Actor, Producer, Director Who Afraid of Virginia Woolf?Nineteen Eighty-Four
8 Richard Deacon 63 USA Actor The Young PhiladelphiansThe Spirit of St. Louis
25 Truman Capote 59 USA Writer, Actor Breakfast at Tiffany'sIn Cold Blood
29 Pina Menichelli 94 Italy Actress
September 14 Janet Gaynor 77 USA Actress A Star Is Born7th Heaven
17 Richard Basehart 70 USA Actor, Director Being ThereLa Strada
25 Walter Pidgeon 87 USA Actor Forbidden PlanetHow Green Was My Valley
October 10 Leonard Rossiter 57 UK Actor 2001: A Space OdysseyBarry Lyndon
10 Joan Young 84 UK Actress Suddenly, Last SummerThe Fallen Idol
11 H. Bruce Humberstone 82 USA Director I Wake Up ScreamingCharlie Chan at the Olympics
21 François Truffaut 52 France Director, Producer, Actor The 400 BlowsJules and Jim
23 Oskar Werner 61 Germany Actor, Writer Fahrenheit 451Jules and Jim
25 Pascale Ogier 25 France Actress, Production Manager Full Moon in Paris
26 Noel Howlett 81 UK Actor Lawrence of ArabiaScrooge
November 1 Norman Krasna 74 USA Screenwriter, Director Who Was That Lady?Sunday in New York
20 Peter Welch 62 UK Actor The Admirable CrichtonThe Secret Partner
December 2 Patty Elder 48 USA Stuntman, Actor Diamonds Are ForeverWhat's Up, Doc?
3 Charles R. Davis 47 USA Art Director, Production Designer Bustin' Loose
8 Luther Adler 81 USA Actor House of StrangersD.O.A.
24 Ian Hendry 53 UK Actor RepulsionGet Carter
24 Peter Lawford 61 USA Actor, Producer The Longest DayOcean's 11
24 Harry Waxman 72 UK Cinematographer The Wicker ManThe Pink Panther Strikes Again
28 Sam Peckinpah 59 USA Director, Producer The Wild BunchStraw Dogs

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