1986 Svenska Cupen Final

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1986 Svenska Cupen Final
Event 1985–86 Svenska Cupen
Date 2 July 1986
Venue Råsunda, Solna
Referee Bo Helén (Uppsala)
Attendance 11,656

The 1986 Svenska Cupen final took place on 2 July 1986 at Råsunda in Solna. The match was contested by Allsvenskan sides Malmö FF and IFK Göteborg. IFK Göteborg played its first final since 1983 and its fourth final in total; Malmö FF played its first final since 1984 and its 15th final in total. Malmö FF won its 13th title with a 2–1 victory.

Match details[edit]

2 July 1986
Malmö FF 2 – 1 IFK Göteborg
Nilsson Goal 49'
Palmér Goal 78'
Andersson Goal 75'
Råsunda, Solna
Attendance: 11,656
Referee: Bo Helén (Uppsala)
Malmö FF
IFK Göteborg
GK Sweden Jan Möller
DF Sweden Magnus Andersson
DF Sweden Mats Arvidsson
DF Sweden Hasse Borg Substituted off 78'
DF Sweden Torbjörn Persson
MF Sweden Jonas Thern
MF Sweden Ingemar Erlandsson
MF Sweden Leif Engqvist
MF Sweden Anders Palmér Substituted off 84'
FW Sweden Mats Magnusson
FW Sweden Björn Nilsson
DF Sweden Kent Jönsson Substituted in 78'
FW Sweden Håkan Lindman Substituted in 84'
England Roy Hodgson
GK Sweden Thomas Wernersson
DF Sweden Mats-Ola Carlsson
DF Sweden Glenn Hysén
DF Sweden Peter Larsson
DF Sweden Stig Fredriksson
MF Sweden Roland Nilsson
MF Sweden Magnus Johansson
MF Sweden Michael Andersson
MF Sweden Tommy Holmgren Substituted off 57'
FW Sweden Johnny Ekström
FW Sweden Torbjörn Nilsson
MF Norway Per Edmund Mordt Substituted in 57'
?? Sweden Jerry Carlsson
Sweden Gunder Bengtsson

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