1986 in Australia

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1986 in Australia
Monarchy Elizabeth II
Governor-General Ninian Stephen
Prime minister Bob Hawke
Population 16,018,310
Elections WA, TAS, QLD
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  • 2 February – Nurse Anita Cobby is abducted, robbed, raped and murdered by John Travers, Michael Murdoch, and Lesile, Gary and Micheal Murphy at Prospect in Sydney (all 5 men are sentenced to life imprisonment without parole, June 1987).
  • 8 February – Elections in Western Australia & Tasmania see the re-election of the ALP in WA & the Liberal Party in Tasmania.
  • 27 March – Russell Street Bombing takes place at the headquarters of the Victorian Police in Melbourne. A police constable is killed.
  • 4 July – After 10 years in power, Neville Wran resigns as Premier of New South Wales & is replaced by Barrie Unsworth.
  • 7 July – Barlow & Chambers are executed at Malaysia's Pudu Prison for drug trafficking. Prime Minister Hawke condemns the move as 'barbaric'.
  • 16 July – An explosion at Moura No. 4 mine in Moura, Queensland kills 12 people.
  • 25 July - An unusual dry cold change sweeps through south-eastern Australia, bringing snow to Hobart and isolating the city until midday. Canberra also receives snow during the early afternoon with reports of snow also occuring in the suburbs of Melbourne and Sydney.
  • 6 August – A low pressure system moving from South Australia and redeveloping off the New South Wales coast dumps a record 327.6 millimetres of rain in a day on Sydney. Resulting floods kill 6 people.
  • 9 August – Sydney schoolgirl Samantha Knight disappears in Bondi, Sydney.
  • 1 November – Joh Bjelke-Petersen wins his final election as Premier of Queensland with his party, the National Party gaining 38.6% of the vote.

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