1988–89 DDR-Oberliga (ice hockey) season

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1988–89 DDR-Oberliga season
League DDR-Oberliga
Sport Ice Hockey
Number of games 6
Number of teams 2
Regular season
Champions SG Dynamo Weißwasser
DDR-Oberliga seasons

The 1988-89 DDR-Oberliga season was the 41st and final season of the DDR-Oberliga, the top level of ice hockey in East Germany. Two teams participated in the league, and SG Dynamo Weißwasser won the championship.

Location of teams in the 1988–89 DDR-Oberliga

Participating teams[edit]

Club Location Stadium Capacity
SC Dynamo Berlin Berlin Wellblechpalast 4,695
SG Dynamo Weißwasser Weißwasser Eisstadion Weißwasser 2,750

Game results[edit]

1st series[edit]

Dynamo Weißwasser won series 3–0

2nd series[edit]

Dynamo Weißwasser won series 3–0

Dynamo Weißwasser overall won series 2–0


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