1988 Kids' Choice Awards

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1st Kids' Choice Awards
Date April 18, 1988
Television/Radio coverage
Network Nickelodeon
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On April 18, 1988, Nickelodeon held the first official Kids' Choice Awards event. Technically, the first ever Kids' Choice Awards event occurred in 1986 as The Big Ballot.

Presenters, performers, and stunts[edit]


Musical performances[edit]

Winners & nominees[edit]

Favorite Movie Actor[edit]

Favorite Movie Actress[edit]

Favorite Movie[edit]

See also: 1987 in film

Favorite Sports Team[edit]

Favorite Male Athlete[edit]

Favorite Female Athlete[edit]

Favorite TV Actor[edit]

Favorite TV Actress[edit]

Favorite TV Show[edit]

Favorite Cartoon[edit]

Favorite Male Vocalist[edit]

Favorite Female Vocalist[edit]

Favorite Song[edit]

See also: 1987 in music

Events within the show[edit]

Stunts, Events[edit]

  • Mackenzie Astin taking the Blindfold Ice Cream Challenge...on his face.
  • Wil Wheaton taking the Head-To-Head Giant Beach Ball Challenge.

Slimed Celebrities[edit]

  • Les Lye - The only celebrity to be slimed during the show, Les Lye was slimed during the initial 90 seconds of the show.