1988 Nepal earthquake

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1988 Nepal earthquake
1988 Nepal earthquake is located in India
1988 Nepal earthquake
Date August 21, 1988
Magnitude 6.8 MW
Epicenter 26°48′N 86°36′E / 26.8°N 86.6°E / 26.8; 86.6Coordinates: 26°48′N 86°36′E / 26.8°N 86.6°E / 26.8; 86.6

1988 Nepal earthquake occurred in Nepal near the Indian border and affected much of northern Bihar. The magnitude 6.8 earthquake shook the region on August 21, killing about 1,467 persons (282 in India and 900 in Nepal) and injuring more than 16,000. The earthquake struck in two installments of 10 seconds and 15 seconds each and left cracks in 50,000 buildings, including Raj Bhavan and the old Secretariat Building in Patna, Bihar.

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