1988 UCI Road World Championships – Men's road race

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There was a dramatic crash during the final sprint of the 1988 World Cycling Championships that undoubtedly changed the final results allowing a lesser known rider (Maurizio Fondriest) to win.

The exact reason for the crash is debatable, but it only involved two riders (Steve Bauer and Claude Criquielion) and Bauer was the only one that stayed up, with Criquielion on his wheel. Steve Bauer was sued by the rider that crashed (Criquielion), but the lawsuit was dismissed without merit in court. As Bauer approached the line in the lead, the crashing rider (Claude Criquielion) slid into Bauer and slowed him down, allowing for Maurizio Fondreist to come around for the easy win, with Bauer second. Bauer has the unfortunate reputation for probably the worst luck of any elite cyclist in history. For example, he has come in second place numerous times in many of the greatest races due to flat tires, bad judgement or simply losing the photo finish. On the other hand, Maurizio Fondreist may be one of the luckiest. He wasn't even in the same league as Bauer as a road sprinter but the unfortunate crash between Bauer and Criquielion certainly played into his favor during the 1988 Worlds.