1989 French Figure Skating Championships

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The French Figure Skating Championships (French: Championnat de France Elite) is a figure skating national championship held annually to determine the national champions of France. Skaters compete at the senior level in the disciplines of men's singles, women's singles, pair skating, and ice dancing.

The 1988–1989 competition took place in Caen for singles and pairs and in Limoges for ice dance. The event was used to help determine the French team to the 1989 European Figure Skating Championships and the 1989 World Figure Skating Championships.

Senior-level Results[edit]


Rank Name
1 Axel Médéric
2 Éric Millot
3 Nicolas Pétorin
4 Philippe Candeloro


Rank Name
1 Surya Bonaly
2 Claude Péri
3 Sandra Garde
4 Stéphanie Ferrer


Rank Name
1 Surya Bonaly / Benoît Vandenberghe
2 Valérie Binsse / Jean-Christophe Mbonyinshuti

Ice Dance[edit]

Rank Name
1 Dominique Yvon / Frédéric Palluel
2 Sophie Moniotte / Pascal Lavanchy
3 Christelle Gautier / Albérick Dallongeville
4 Pascale Vrot / David Quinsac
5 Chrystelle Descolis / Ludovic Deville
6 Isabelle Gincourt / Frédéric Cave
7 Nathalie Gillet / Olivier Lores
8 Gaëlle Harmand / Frédéric Pelette

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