1989 Spanish motorcycle Grand Prix

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Spain  1989 Spanish Grand Prix
Race details
Race 4 of 15 races in the
1989 Grand Prix motorcycle racing season
Date 30 April 1989
Location Jerez
Course Permanent racing facility
4.428 km (2.751 mi)
500 cc
Pole position
Rider United States Wayne Rainey
Time 1:48.640
Fastest lap
Rider United States Kevin Schwantz
Time 1:48.790
First United States Eddie Lawson
Second United States Wayne Rainey
Third United Kingdom Niall Mackenzie
250 cc
Pole position
Rider Italy Luca Cadalora
Time 1:50.520
Fastest lap
Rider Spain Juan Garriga
Time 1:51.080
First Italy Luca Cadalora
Second Spain Sito Pons
Third France Jean-Philippe Ruggia
125 cc
Pole position
Rider Spain Àlex Crivillé
Time 1:56.330
Fastest lap
Rider Spain Àlex Crivillé
Time 1:56.610
First Spain Àlex Crivillé
Second Spain Jorge Martínez
Third Japan Koji Takada
80 cc
Pole position
Rider Switzerland Stefan Dörflinger
Time 2:02.640
Fastest lap
Rider Unknown
First Spain Herri Torrontegui
Second Switzerland Stefan Dörflinger
Third West Germany Peter Öttl

The 1989 Spanish motorcycle Grand Prix was the fourth round of the 1989 Grand Prix motorcycle racing season. It took place on the weekend of 28–30 April 1989 at the Jerez circuit.

500 cc race report[edit]

Wayne Rainey on pole goes into the first turn ahead of Pierfrancesco Chili, Eddie Lawson, and Kevin Schwantz. Schwantz wastes little time in catching and passing Rainey. As Schwantz pulls ahead, Rainey battles Lawson for the first time in the season, Lawson seeming to come to terms with the Honda. Rainey can only watch as Lawson passes and claws away at a gap.

Meanwhile, Chili tries passing Ron Haslam on the hairpin leading into the straight by braking late on the inside. Chili clumsily bumps Haslam, who’s in no mood to be shoved and decides to shove back, taking them both off-track, though Haslam’s detour end up being much longer than Chili’s.

Up ahead, Schwantz is enjoying a large lead with 5 laps to go when he throws it away, clutching his head in disbelief as he walks through the gravel. Lawson is handed the win, followed by Rainey and Mackenzie.


"At Jerez there was four laps to go and I was almost six seconds in front of Eddie. I had watched the race the previous year after the bike broke and I remembered watching him haul in Rainey and keep Rainey from winning his first Grand Prix. I was thinking to myself, come on you've just got to keep above those five seconds. Get it down to less than five laps with more than five seconds and there's no way he can catch you.' "

"I had got there and done that. I went over the line and around the back of the big Kodak box that is a scoreboard with all the times on it. As I went past the back it changed to show four laps to go and more than five seconds, I thought, 'yeah I've got it,' and immediately fell off. It was just a loss of concentration, I thought I had it in the bag. I went into the corner, didn't have it down on my knee where I needed to be. The front end pushed and before I could even think, 'Oh shit', I was sitting on the haybales."[1]

The gap between Lawson and Rainey is now 10 points.

500 cc classification[edit]

Pos Rider Manufacturer Time/Retired Points
1 United States Eddie Lawson Honda 55:11.260 20
2 United States Wayne Rainey Yamaha +10.170 17
3 United Kingdom Niall Mackenzie Yamaha +17.480 15
4 France Christian Sarron Yamaha +27.300 13
5 United States Freddie Spencer Yamaha +51.000 11
6 Italy Pierfrancesco Chili Honda +1:19.040 10
7 United Kingdom Ron Haslam Suzuki +1:29.450 9
8 Japan Tadahiko Taira Yamaha +1:43.440 8
9 France Dominique Sarron Honda +1:46.870 7
10 Italy Alessandro Valesi Yamaha +1:53.860 6
11 Italy Massimo Broccoli Cagiva +1 Lap 5
12 Switzerland Marco Gentile Fior +1 Lap 4
13 United Kingdom Damon Buckmaster Honda +1 Lap 3
14 Spain Juan Lopez Mella Honda +1 Lap 2
15 Republic of Ireland Eddie Laycock Honda +1 Lap 1
16 Switzerland Bruno Kneubuhler Honda +1 Lap
17 France Claude Albert Suzuki +1 Lap
18 Austria Josef Doppler Honda +1 Lap
19 United Kingdom Steve Williams Honda +1 Lap
20 West Germany Michael Rudroff Honda +1 Lap
21 United Kingdom Ian Pratt Honda +1 Lap
22 France Fabian Pilloud Honda +1 Lap
Ret Switzerland Nicholas Schmassman Honda Retirement
Ret Luxembourg Andreas Leuthe Suzuki Retirement
Ret United States Kevin Schwantz Suzuki Retirement
Ret United States Randy Mamola Cagiva Retirement
Ret Spain Francisco Gonzales Honda Retirement
Ret Italy Marco Papa Paton Retirement
Ret Australia Mick Doohan Honda Retirement


  1. ^ Schwantz, Kevin: Early GP Years kevinschwantz.com 1994.

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