1990–91 NCAA football bowl games

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Number of bowl teams per state.

The 1990-91 NCAA College Football Bowl Games featured 19 games, starting early in December 1990 and ending on New Year's Day 1991. They followed the 1990 regular season and ended in controversy. Going into the postseason, Colorado had a 10-1-1 record and was ranked #1 in both Coaches' and AP polls. After a relatively unimpressive (and controversial) 10-9 victory over #5 Notre Dame in the Orange Bowl and an impressive victory by the undefeated (10-0-1) #2 Georgia Tech in the Citrus Bowl, the Buffaloes lost their #1 ranking to the Yellow Jackets in the Coaches' Poll, creating a split championship. This controversial ending, along with the dual undefeated champions of the following year, led to the creation of the Bowl Coalition.

Bowl Games[edit]

NOTE: Rankings used are the final regular season AP Rankings whenever noted

California Bowl[edit]

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Independence Bowl[edit]

Aloha Bowl[edit]

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Liberty Bowl[edit]

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Blockbuster Bowl[edit]

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All-American Bowl[edit]

Peach Bowl[edit]

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Freedom Bowl[edit]

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Holiday Bowl[edit]

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Copper Bowl[edit]

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John Hancock Bowl[edit]

Hall of Fame Bowl[edit]

Orange Bowl[edit]

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Florida Citrus Bowl[edit]

Fiesta Bowl[edit]

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Cotton Bowl Classic[edit]

Gator Bowl[edit]

Rose Bowl[edit]

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Sugar Bowl[edit]

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Final rankings[edit]